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Year 6




Year 6 have had a fantastic evening. The sun was shining as we scoffed burgers and sausages. We sumo wrestled and run the gauntlet on the inflatable course.

None of this would have been possible without our fantastic Mrs Timbers who did the arranging and shopping, so a huge thank you to you! We would also like to thank our team of helpers, especially the chefs Mr Williamson, Mr Rivers and Darren.

Day 5

Not one child was awake this morning, so I took great pleasure in using what is left of my voice to wake them! With one last use of the inflatable monkey to wake Daniel and Harry (You will have to ask them)!

After a frantic half hour of children finding clean clothes they didn’t know they had, the adults finding mountains of clothes and half the beach, we were on our way homeJ

The sun was shining as we crossed the Solent waving goodbye to the IOW. Our final visit was to the Historic Dockyard in Portsmouth, where we boarded the Warrior and explored all levels and decks.  We found out why a poop deck is called that and what a toe rag is errk! The hammocks were comfy but we didn’t fancy the living conditions so decided to come home instead of running off to sea!

Chips and ice creams rounded off our trip and a couple of cockles and prawns for the big kids!

The long journey home… the children didn’t not fancy my idea of dead lions but still had energy.


So the end of a fantastic week, where the children were a credit to parents and the school. Now it’s time for a well-deserved shower, large drink and lots of sleep! A huge thank you to the fantastic Mrs Timbers and for Miss Cross who stepped in at the last moment, the trip would not be possible without you.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Day 4

Good Morning! It took some high pitched singing to wake some of the children this morning! The sun is trying to come out, but there is rain forecast for this afternoon :( All the children are well and are ready to go and hunt for fossils. Ill update photos later when I manage to get 5 minutes of peace!


Fossil hunting was fun! We found clay, tarmac, cement……….. oh and fossilised sponge, wood, fools gold and some snail fossils. We loved searching in the rock pools, although Cian kept managing to get his feet soaking wet whilst wearing Miss Helsey’s socks! Ben could be a palaeontologist with his wide knowledge of dinosaurs!

After lunch we braved the rain and ventured to Robin Hill Country Park. We scrambled up cargo nets, walked through the tree tops, kissed with trolls and visited a miniature village. The rain came down but it didn’t stop us smiling or having fun!

Tonight we are attempting to repack our bags and having a final walk down the beach.





The last night and last walk on the beach.

Day 3

We had to wake most of the children up this morning, I  think we must have worn them out yesterday!

All are well and excited about water sports. Its raining, but we are going to get wet anyway! Daniel W is still trying to work out his riddles, Molly's face is glowing in the dark (Factor 50 today even in the rain), Harry has still got his voice even after all his screaming at the theatre and Ed is really excited about peas and gravy for diner tonight!


All are now sleeping well after yet another busy day!


After a wet start the sun came out for us whilst we piled on kayaks and learned to surf. Elaine and Elena were amazing! Euan amazed us with his surfing technique, Hrishi enjoyed floating around and Indie won the best belly flop!

After all the excitement in the water we lazed around on bean bags in the sun whilst eating lunch. During the afternoon we shopped until we dropped and then managed to squeeze another swim in at the beach.


We ended the evening with a magical walk around the Shanklin Chine. This was until a huge storm and the heavens opened! Luckily we were saved by our hero Andy (the coach driver).


Day 2

Good morning, the sun is shining and all the children managed to sleep and are now up and smiling.

Our bacon is cooking and we are getting ready for our epic walk, chair lift to Alum Bay and boat cruise around the Needles.




We have survived the hike and enjoyed the beautiful views over Tennyson Downs. Though I am not sure my legs enjoyed it as much. The chair lift was amazing and many children conquered their fear of heights. We cruised around the Needles and finally the children understood the coastal erosion I have been trying to teach them.


The entertainment tonight was ‘Fangtastic’ at the theatre, an hour and a half of screaming ……I mean cheesy one liners and dancing. The children loved it! Maiyu was busting moves and Grace could be the next on Britain has got talent.


All are now exhausted and are tucked up in bed. I am hopeful for a lay in in the morning, well at least until 7.



Day 1


After a wet and delayed start, we finally reached the Isle of Wight at 1 pm, luckily the sun finally came out! We have roared with Lions, watched the tigers and marvelled at the monkeys! We have even visited the museum of poo!


After refuelling with burger and chips we headed to the beach. Paddling became a soaking, castles were made and holes dug!


All are happy and now fast asleep, looking forward to our marathon walk tomorrow! 

Summer Term 

Year 6 have come back after the break ready to make the most of their last term at George Street. They are focused and ready to try their best during SATs week and already excited about the upcoming Isle of Wight residential. Hopefully we can make this last term fun packed and memorable.

Take a look at the Summer Term newsletter to see what we will be getting up to!


Cricket fun! Year 6 have been enjoying cricket sessions from the 'Chance to Shine' project. They have greatly developed their skills and have been having lots of fun.

The 'S' word


SATs week starts Monday 9th May 2016. Below is a time table of the week so you know what we will be up to!

To help with revision for SATs here are some websites you might want to try:


SPAG revision


Maths revision



Year 6 Boxing Stress Release!

Year 6 have been working really hard to prepare for Secondary transfer and SATs week. To help exercise the body as well as the brain they have been sneaking extra PE and boxing! We all enjoyed every minute ( though I am not sure we enjoyed the burn of the plank and tricep dips!) . We wish we could do an hour a day!

Year 6 'Show Racism the Red Card'

Today Year 6 went to visit Vicarage Road to take part in a workshop designed to stamp out racism. We learned about how football players have been subjected to racial abuse  and how they are working together to show racism the red card!

We took part in a question and answer session with players including Watford mid fielders Guedioura, Anya and super striker Ighalo. In addition, legend Graham Taylor also took part and answered questions posed by Sonny and Grace.

It was a fantastic and worthwhile experience, with such superstars sending clear messages to our respectful pupils.

Welcome to Year 6!

Welcome back!  After a nice Christmas break Year 6 are ready and raring to go for the Spring Term.  We'll be busy, as always.  Check out our latest newsletter...



....During 'Take One Picture Week' we decided that the cave looked like it could be a vortex.  In groups we considered what it might be like on the other side...

As a team we created our vortex which was inspired from the painting. Look at our photos to see the process we took as a class. Can you see the representations of the characters that have been sucked into the vortex? Where have they been transported to? Read our stories below to find out.

George and The Dragon


We used our skills of measuring accurately with a protractor and ruler to draw Christmas trees - Ho! Ho! Ho!

Year 6 Show Respect On Remembrance Day

This week we have been learning more about the British Value- Rule of Law.

We were lucky enough to me visited by retired magistrate Mr Crispin and Mrs Rose a magistrate. They taught us about how a Magistrate Court works and we role played a trial. We learned all about what happens if you break the law and the possible consequences of doing this! It was a really interesting visit and it has made us realise that rules are important and we will make sure that we follow them.

Year 6 went to RAF Hendon on Friday (2nd October) as part of our theme on World War II.  We had an incredible time finding out what life was like in a wartime classroom as well as checking out all the incredible planes used during the war.  In addition we found out all about the Battle of Britain and the Blitz.  So much learning and a wonderful trip.

Solving Problems in Year 6

Year 6 have been problem solving. This week they were given challenges to complete, these were tricky problems that promoted team work. They used all of their learning powers to be successful and were very reflective about their results.

They learned that communication is at the heart of team work and that they needed to listen to each other. Positive encouragement was also very effective. 



Friday 19th June 2015:

I have received a message that the final full English is being eaten before setting off to the mainland.  All are well.  Packing was relatively painless and only two pairs of pants were unclaimed!  Today they tour HMS Warrior when they are back on the mainland before experiencing the joys of the M25 on a Friday afternoon!



Year 6 are just leaving Portsmouth now.  A toilet stop is planned for mid-journey so we hope that they are on track for a prompt return.  We will keep you updated.



Thursday 18th June 2015:

All is well with Y6 this morning.  Getting up in the morning is a struggle - think the walking and fresh air is knocking them out at night!  Still, they will return with tans and a love of the outside which is no bad thing!



As the pictures show, they have had a brilliant morning in the sea kiyaking and generally messing about in the water.  The Wight Water staff commented on how fantastic our children were today.  As has all the staff at all of the different locations.  We are so very proud of them smiley



After an afternoon of being eaten by lemurs, our intrepid travellers are busy packing ready to return home to you with gifts of sand sculptures and dirty washing!  Exhaustion is setting in apparently and after a week of marching behind Miss Lees, it is no wonder! They are going to have dinner before spending a final evening on the beach.




Wednesday 17th June 2015:

Year 6 are on top form!  Miss Lees reports that they slept well and all are happy.  Breakfast at 8am this morning and they are now at Robin Hill Country Park for the pirate boat ride (Miss Bregazzi is holding the bags apparently), the slides, the quirrel run, tobogganing and man eating carp!  This afternoon, more beach time before Shanklin Chine this evening. 



Look at the pics - they have had the most wonderful afternoon in the sunshine on the beach!  Digging - again, paddling, ball games and much, much more!  Miss Lees says everyone is happy and they are clearly enjoying the beautiful weather.  Definitely a 'wish you were' here moment!



The gang have had a great time at Shanklin Chine and have started the long walk home along the seafront.  Ashton is saddened by the long walk home whereas Ethan is loving all of this physical exercise ... I'm with Ashton!



Tuesday 16th June 2015:

News from the isle is good.  Everyone is very well and had a good sleep after their first fun evening on the beach.   They weren't too late to bed but some still needed a rocket to get them up this morning!  They have just sat down to breakfast.  Today's plans include a walk up Tennyson Down before heading to Allum Bay for the chairlift ride and boat cruise to The Needles.  Excitement levels are high - and that's just Mrs Timbers!



Judging from the pictures, it is a jolly good job I didn't go with them to the Isle of Wight.  The walking/running race on Tennyson Down is on! See pictures below.



Well they were braver than I ever was - no eyes closed on the chairlift down to Allum Bay!  They had a 'glorious day' (Miss Lees' words) and enjoyed the sunshine whilst roaming around the island.  They settled down to dinner at 5pm and are looking forward to watching 'Boom!' at the theatre in town.  It's loud and hot and the children adore it!



Monday 15th June 2015:

Year 6 arrived safely on the Isle of Wight after a delayed ferry crossing.  The children enjoyed their trip to the animal park although I am not sure the lion was quite as happy!


They have settled into their rooms and have enjoyed a delicious dinner of sausage and mash followed by a muffin. 


As you can see from the pics, they are enjoying the beach which is only 2 minutes walk from their hotel.   They are probably still digging now! 


Updates tomorrow. 


Isle of Wight Thursday 18th June 2015

Isle of Wight Wednesday 17th June 2015

Isle of Wight Tuesday 16th June 2015

Isle of Wight Monday 15th June

Dancing - Rugby Style