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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!


On these pages, you will see us progress through the years. From Ancient Greece, Roman Britain and explosive science, keep logged in to see what we get up to!

Curriculum Newsletter Autumn 2023

Science - States of Matter

Science - States of Matter.

In science, the children have been examining how materials change state - from solid to liquid to gas and back. To investigate this, the children created their own min-versions of the water cycle and made observations about changes.



History - Ancient Greece.


The children are studying Ancient Greece, getting to grips with comparing City-States like Athens and Sparta and deciding whether they would like to live in a monarchy or a democracy!

Art - Self Portraits


In our Art lessons, we are building towards creating our own self-portraits. Recently, the children have learned about tone and shade as well as crosshatch shading. Will they be able to translate these skills onto their own self-portraits?! Keep watching and see!