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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!


On these pages, you will see us progress through the years. From Ancient Greece, Roman Britain and explosive science, keep logged in to see what we get up to!



In PE this term the children are learning how to play tag-rugby. In our fist lesson, we learnt how to tag someone, basic ball skills and even practised Auckland Squares!




Our first text to explore this term is ‘Winter’s Child’. We have begun by looking at how the author uses prepositions, speech and noun phrases, as well as exploring the hidden themes in the story.




In Science we are investigating how sound is made. We have already looked at musical instruments and how objects vibrate and cause sound waves!

Science Week!


This week, we have been involved in lots of different activities and experiments...


Making Sundials


1.  Firstly, we cut the face out.

2.  Secondly, we stuck the face to the bottom of a paper plate.

3.  Then, we stuck a pencil through the middle of the plate and put blue tack on the other end.

4.  After that, we went outside and placed our sundial on the floor.

5.  Next, we got chalk and drew a circle around our sundial and placed our initials in the circle.

6.  Then, we tried to see what time it was on our sundial but there was only a faint line as it was very cloudy.

7.  After that, we went back in with our sundials.

8.  After twenty minutes we went back outside to check the time and the line was clear.

9.  Then we went back inside once more and we could see where our lines were.




School Trip - WOOFYT!


On Tuesday morning, we went on a school trip to St Francis of Assisi Church. First, the gentleman taught us rhythm by using body percussion. He also showed us some musical instruments.


Then he showed us a strange instrument which was made out of…

  • wood
  • pipes
  • an airbag
  • a pump


This instrument was called the WOOFYT. He showed us how to play it.



We played a WOOFYT where two people are pumping air into an airbag while four others are pushing it down so the air can flow through the pipes to reach the part where we played the instrument. Me and some other children took the role of pushing some buttons to let the air through our pipe. When it did that, it made different sounds depending on how long the pipe was. We played along to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Happy Birthday in two different groups since we couldn't all  fit in one big group.


It was a fun school trip!


Eyla & Aurora




Creating Creatures

This week, the children have returned to school and begun creating their own fabulous beasts in English. They have been describing them using adjectives, adding detail with expanded noun phrases and imagining their habitats.

The children have been investigating what makes them feel good this week. We have had dance workshops, skateboarding lessons  and getting back to nature.


They even created their own mini-ecosystems when they visited Forest School!

History - Roman Britain


This term, the children have been exploring the invasion and settlement of Britain by the Roman Empire. We have looked at how the Empire grew, why their legions were so feared and the key players in this turbulent time!

Curriculum Newsletter Autumn 2023

Science - States of Matter

Science - States of Matter.

In science, the children have been examining how materials change state - from solid to liquid to gas and back. To investigate this, the children created their own min-versions of the water cycle and made observations about changes.



History - Ancient Greece.


The children are studying Ancient Greece, getting to grips with comparing City-States like Athens and Sparta and deciding whether they would like to live in a monarchy or a democracy!

Art - Self Portraits


In our Art lessons, we are building towards creating our own self-portraits. Recently, the children have learned about tone and shade as well as crosshatch shading. Will they be able to translate these skills onto their own self-portraits?! Keep watching and see!