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Year 3

Year 3 have already covered so much in their Maths so far! We have looked at what perimeter is and how we can find the perimeter of shapes. We have focused on multiplication by learning tricks such as doubling the 2 timestable and doubling again to work out our 8 timestable. Also working out how to multiply a large 2 digit numbers by 5 by multiplying by 10 first and halving that number. 
In History, Year 3 have been focusing on inventions. We have been looking at them in chronological order starting from early writing systems (Hieroglyphics) and the way that inventors have changed the way we tell time. We have started to move on to Victorian inventions and just how many they created.


In Science we have been looking at forces and magnets. We have been experimenting with what can change a force and how strong different sized magnets are.


As a class we have been working hard on how we can relax in between challenging lesson. As a way to do this we have been practising yoga; using Cosmic Kids Yoga. We particularly enjoyed our Dumbo session - maybe you can try this at home!


In Maths we having been looking at the different angles; acute, right and obtuse (we are great at doing this in our silly voices). We have found these different angles around the classroom and in 2D shapes. Moving on from this, we used our geoboards to recognise perpendicular and parallel lines; recognising them in capital letters and 2D shapes.

This half term in History we have been looking at the importance of archaeological discoveries and how this has enabled understand more about prehistory. In one of our lessons we looked at how they lived and the art work they left in their home; recreating this with soap.


In our Science lessons we have been focusing on the topic of rocks. The children have been fascinated by this topic; in particular volcanoes. Because of this we made our own chemical reactions to create mini volcano explosions.

Science Volcanoes

In English we have been focusing on the book 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes. Year Three have created some marvellous pieces of work from this stimulus. One of our most impressive were our 'robotic' hands that we then created instructional text from.

Robotic Hands

One of the many things we have been learning in Maths is measuring. As a treat for all their hard work with this areas we made chocolate fridge cakes. The children worked together to weigh the ingredients to make these extra yummy cakes; I have to say I'm surprised more wasn't eaten!