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Welcome to the Nursery class page!

Autumn Term

Nursery Newsletter - Autumn Term 2021

DT Week 


Nursery created their own Christmas decorations for DT week. 

We planned which decoration we wanted to make by choosing between a gingerbread man, a bell, a star and a tree. The children created their plan by colouring in the shape of their choice and thinking about what colours they wanted to use. 

Next we followed a salt dough recipe. We took turns as a group to measure and mix the ingredients. We then used a cookie cutter to cut out the Christmas decoration. 

Once the decorations were cooked and set hard, we painted them. We glued some glitter and sequins of our choice to the decorations and threaded metallic wire through the holes so that we could hang them up at home. 

Parent reading mornings

Every Friday morning we invite parents to read to your children from 9.00 - 9.15.

History Week 

In History Week we have been learning about our own history and our family's history.

We have brought in our own baby pictures and discussed how we have grown from babies to children, and discussed everything that we learned to do from a baby, such as walking and talking.  We have created a photo album with our baby pictures and we are able to look through this in the role play area. We have also learned a new song about growing from a baby. 

We have been caring for the baby dolls in the classroom and outside, we have been washing them and feeding them, and taking them for walks in the pram. 


Quotes from the children this week.


"My Sister was a baby."


"I was a baby, then a toddler. I'm a child now, I will be four in December."


"I will be an adult like Mummy."


"I was small, I get big like Mummy."

Forest School

Every Wednesday morning the Nursery children get themselves ready with wellies and coats and attend Forest School. Below are some activities that the children have been engaging in during their Forest School mornings. 

Brazilian Percussion Workshop

We were very lucky to participate in a Brazilian Percussion workshop. We danced and sang along to familiar nursery rhymes such as 'Heads, shoulders, knees and toes' and 'Sleeping bunnies'. We listened to the beat of the drum and danced along. 

Child-Initiated Learning

Nursery have settled well into their new classroom routines. 

The children have been learning which animal group they are in, and they have been following the daily routines. 

In the morning they come into school, put their belongings on their pegs and join hand control. 

The children have been learning our core nursery rhymes in group time and they are enjoying listening to stories before home time. 

Every morning and afternoon we have our Child Initiated Learning time. The children have been very busy exploring the learning environment, using their investigative skills and learning new skills! 

Below are some pictures that show how we have been learning and exploring in nursery!