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Year 4

Negative Numbers


In Maths, we have been learning about negative numbers. We found out that you can count below zero and these numbers are called negative numbers. You can find negative numbers on thermometers for temperatures, bank accounts, the weather and lifts. We had to draw a number line in chalk and challenge our partner to count forwards and backwards in negative numbers.

Human and Physical Geography


During Geography Week, we found out about two different types of geography, human and physical. We found out that human geography is anything that is made/caused by humans and physical geography is anything that occurs naturally. We looked for things around the school that could come under each of these headings and then, despite the weather, we did the same at Gadebridge park. We then compared the two and how this is the same and different. 

Letters to Wembley


As part of our English work, we were writing discussion texts with the title 'Should the Euros have mixed gender teams?' Our work was so amazing and we were so passionate about this that we decided to send these to the Head of Community and Educational Relationships and Wembley stadium! We are eagerly awaiting a reply. Not only did we need to write our pieces but we also learnt how to write an address on an envelope and stick a stamp on. We then walked down to the Old Town and posted our letters. 

Animal Workshop


We had a really exciting afternoon on Friday! A member of our school community works in a local school. They kindly brought in some of their animals to show us. We were able to find out about and hold, a tortoise, a stick insect, a giant millipede, a giant praying mantis, a snake, a bearded dragon and a dog. We loved finding out all about the animals and holding them. Some of us even faced our fears of certain animals! 

Coordinates and Translation


As part of our work on geometry, we have been learning how to read and plot coordinates. Then, we learnt how to translate shapes on a grid. We found out that shapes can move left, right, up and down and they cannot rotate or reflect. As part of this, we played a matching game where we had to the match the translation to the correct grid.



In Maths, we learnt about the different types of triangles. We found out that there are four different types of triangles and these are called; right angled, isosceles, scalene and equilateral. We used the geo boards to make the triangles and then labelled them. After, we had to describe the properties for each type of triangle. 

Ultimate Frisbee

Year 4 took part in an ultimate frisbee workshop where the coach taught us the rules of frisbee, how to pass properly and how to throw the frisbee both long distance and short distance. We had a great time and it was brilliant to learn a new sport. Most of our aims were accurate although we did end up collecting a lot of frisbees from various places around school! 

Active Maths

In Year 4, we love active Maths! It gives us the chance to practise our skills outside and work on our team skills. 

In Maths, we have been learning how to measure and draw angles using protractors. In our active Maths game, we had to order and compare angles. 

Basketball Workshop


Year 4 took part in a basketball workshop and the coach was so impressed with our skills! Miss Gabriel even got to have a go too. 

We learnt how to stand properly, ready to receive the ball, how to pass and catch and how to dribble. We got to play lots of exciting shooting games in small teams. 

At the end of the match, 4 of us won MVP (Most Valuable Player) and these people were, Lola, Sienna, Tyler and Rachel. 

Summer Term

The summer term has been very busy so far for Year 4! 

Every Tuesday, we have been visiting the local leisure centre and have been partaking in swimming lessons, which we have loved! It has been so wonderful to see how much progress is being made in such a short space of time!


In our Science lessons, we have been learning all about sound. We have been exploring sound vibrations by conducting an investigation using drums and grains of rice. We also made our own telephones out of plastic cups and string. We were able to discuss how the phone worked and how the sound travelled. 


In History, we have been learning all about the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons. So far, we have learnt about where they invaded, why they did this and what happened as a result. 


In our English lessons, we read a book called 'El Deafo' by Cece Bell. We loved finding out all about Cece's life and it was brilliant to be able to all enjoy our first every graphic novel together. 


Keep checking back for more updates! 

Y4 Newsletter-Summer 2021

History Week

In History Week, we learnt about how the Romans used Roman Numerals as numbers instead of the numbers that we use today - Alice Year 4.


We found out about how the Roman Empire invaded and took over different countries in Europe - Tyler Year 4. 


They took over Italy, England, Spain, Greece, Egypt and North Africa - Tyler, Archie, Alex, Quinn and Sienna.


The Romans couldn't take over Scotland because the Celts kept fighting back and they built Hadrian's Wall so that the Roman's couldn't get in and invade - Rachel and Alex. 


We found out how long it took the Roman army to invade countries and we saw the map change over time - Reuben 


The Romans wore different clothes to us - Sophia 


We came up with lots of different questions that we are hoping to visit over the next term and a half. Come back and visit our class page again soon to see what else we know! 




Roman Numeral Posters

Black History Month

In Year 4, we recognise the importance of celebrating, learning about and reflecting on Black History. We also used this as an opportunity to learn more about each other and our different heritages. We believe in creating a better tomorrow and Black History Month is an important reminder of the journey leading up to where we are today and our future. 


Throughout Black History Month, we have undertaken a variety of activities. Each child selected a significant figure in Black History to learn about and from this, did extensive research about their life and their achievement. We also found about British Black History and the key dates and information leading up to 2020. 


At the start of September, we read a book in English called 'Coming to England' by Floella Benjamin. Floella was born in Trinidad and moved to England in the 60s as part of the Windrush Generation. To further this learning, we took part in an exciting workshop where we learnt all about the history of steel pans and also got to opportunity to play them ourselves! We learnt how to play a tune and were fully immersed in the culture surrounding the steel pans. The workshop really helped to bring our learning alive.


On October 16th, we showed dressed in red to show our support for 'Give Racism the Red Card'. As part of this, we created posters against racism for our school competition. We were proud that Isabella's poster was the winning entry for our class. We had so many wonderful ideas and discussed vocabulary such as, unity, togetherness, love, friendship, respect. We linked these words to our school values and how we act.


Through Black History Month, we listened to music by different black artists, past and present. We learnt more about the different artists and discussed their music. 




Y4 Meet the Teacher

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Welcome Back!

It has been wonderful to see the children settle back into school the last two weeks. We have been so impressed with how well they are adapting to the return to school and are embracing new learning challenges. 

In Maths, we have been exploring number and place value, looking at ordering numbers, regrouping numbers and placing numbers on a number line, being able to explain why they are put there.

In English, we have been enjoying our book Coming to England by Floella Benjamin. We have been really thinking about how school life differs between us and Floella and exploring the feelings that Floella has at different points in the book. 

In Science with Miss Bunclark, we looked at the different states of matter and discovered how chocolate changes when it melts. It was hard not to try and eat the chocolate! 


Our class page will be updated regularly so please keep checking back to see what we are up to!

Autumn Newsletter 2020