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In the Spring Term, we will be learning about the Mayan Civilisation. If Year 6 pupils would like to partake in some prior learning, here are some websites you can look at: 

Key vocabulary is explained in a child-friendly way.

Another useful website with lots of information.

Our topic in the Autumn Term has been World War Two. So far, we have learnt about the causes of the war and which countries made up the Allies and Axis. We studied extracts from Anne Frank's diary and wrote our own biographies of her life as part of our cross-curricular writing in English. We were extremely lucky to be visited by Graham Austin (local hero and Joe's grandad) who had an exceptional knowledge of all things war related! He brought in some authentic photographs for us to look at and gas masks that we were allowed to try on. We are not sure who was more excited...the adults or the children! We learnt a lot about the war as he was able to relate his family's experiences in a first-hand account. We all listened intently and asked lots of questions which we had prepared in advance to help us with our learning (and he answered every single one).