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“Where Learning Comes Alive”

“Where Learning Comes Alive”


Year 6

DT week!

During DT week, we have been very busy making WW2 food. We have been learning about WW2 throughout this term and most recently we have been looking at rationing. Children have researched about which foods were rationed, how much each family received and researched different recipes. From those recipes children then have made: carrot croquettes, scones, golden slice, Woolton Pie and chocolate pudding

Circus Skills Day!

Children took part in a 40 minute session, where they learnt a variety of circus skills. Children were able to try different skills and had the opportunity to explore these. Children were able to have a go at: plate spinning, tightrope walking, feather balancing and the diablo.

Children thoroughly enjoyed the day!

We were very lucky to be visited by one of our boy's mums and her guide dog. This was a great opportunity for children to get to know a new member of out class and learning about Guide Dogs. Children in year 6 are running enterprise days to raise money for Guide Dogs UK!

Guide Dogs!

Guide Dogs!  1
Guide Dogs!  2


Year 6!

What a great start the children have had to Year 6. They are really focused on their work and have thrown themselves into the demands of year 6. Well done!

The start of term the children have been exploring all about light. They have been investigating about shadows and finding out what happens when a light source is moved further away from an opaque object!


Science  1
Science  2
Science  3
Science  4




Children took part in a variety of activities to promote Mental Health day. Children took part in Yoga as one way to reduce their worries and stresses. Yr 6 then went outside and took part in the wider campaign #sayhelloyellow

Our topic this term is all about WW1 and WW2. We were lucky enough to have a lady, who was evacuated in WW2, come and talk to the children about what it was like being evacuated. She also talked to the children about what life was like in WW2. Children asked some really insightful questions ad learnt a lot ready for our learning on evacuation.

WW2 Talk!

WW2 Talk!  1
Celebration Assembly Friday 17th January 2020 at 9 am - everyone welcome! Spring term clubs start today