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Year 6

Our Class

Welcome to Year 6! We are the eldest in the school and therefore, always strive to be the best role models we can possibly be and to support the younger children in our community. 

In our classroom, we have Miss Gabriel and Miss Perry teaching us. Miss Gabriel teaches us on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday morning and Friday, whilst Miss Perry teaches us on a Monday and Thursday afternoon.

We are supported in our classroom by Mrs Phillips and Miss Marshall. 

Come and visit us! We would love to show you what we have been up to. 

Autumn Curriculum Newsletter

Autumn 2022

Here are the key dates for this term:

Thursday 1st September - Return to school

Monday 5th September - Meet the teacher at 3pm

Monday 17th October - Friday 21st October - History Week

Wednesday 19th October - Trip to RAF Hendon

Wednesday 19th October - Parent's Evening (4.30pm - 8.00pm)

Thursday 20th October - Parent's Evening (3.40pm - 6.00pm)

Friday 21st October - Finish for half term


Monday 31st October - INSET Day (school closed to pupils)

Monday 31st October - Secondary school admissions close

Tuesday 1st November - Return to school

Wednesday 2nd November - Harvest Festival

Thursday 17th November - Flu spray

Friday 18th November - Children in Need

Friday 2nd December - Occasional Day (school closed)

Wednesday 14th December - Christmas dinner and Christmas jumper day

Wednesday 14th December - Carol concert at St. Mary's Church - 6.00pm

Tuesday 20th December - Last day of autumn term - finish at 2.00pm



What have we been up to this term?

Pablo Picasso - Cubism

As part of our unit on Pablo Picasso and Cubism, we had a go at creating our own piece of Cubism art before looking at colour exploration. At first, it was difficult to see how the art was made however, looking at it one step at a time, it helped us to realise how to create the different shapes. We used the basic object of a mug and drew it once, then we had to draw it again ensuring there was an overlap. Finally, we drew it a third time overlapping again. 

Here are some photos of us completing our work.

Queen Elizabeth II

To commemorate the life of Queen Elizabeth II, who sadly passed away on Thursday 8th September 2022, we looked at each decade of her reign in more detail using the overarching headlines given to us for each decade. We placed the years onto a timeline and from there, researched exactly what happened and wrote more about her incredible life.

Light Investigation

As part of our work on light, we investigated the statement that light travels in straight lines. We used four pieces of card, three with holes in, one without. We stood these up and shone a light through. The light hit the back piece of card and travelled directly through the three holes, proving that light does travel in straight lines. 

Negative Numbers

We played a game as part of our lesson on negative numbers called 'Jump Through Zero'. We had a number line that went from -80 to 80. One of us had the target of 80 and one had the target of -80. We had one counter per pair, which started on zero. Then, we had roll a dice and multiply that number by 5. This number was the number of spaces we were able to move towards our target. We were moving closer to our target however, our partner would then roll and move us back again! This was a really fun game and an easy one to play at home to continue to practise working on negative numbers. 

Africa, Amazing Africa

For the first two weeks of Year 6, we are using the text Africa, Amazing Africa to write in lots of different styles. This has included, repetitive poetry, persuasive writing and descriptive writing. 

Below are are some examples of our fantastic work.

African Food

As part of our learning about Africa, we got to sample some African food from Togo, Tunisia, Sao Tome and Principe, Morocco and South Africa. This included, chickpeas, spiced cous cous, mint tea, 80% cocoa dark chocolate, olives and flatbrad.

In addition to this we were kindly given South African Fatcake (a minced curry) which Quinn and her Granny made. It was great to explore something we had never tried before!

House Captains

Eight children have been elected to represent our four houses, Admiral, Adonis, Emerald and Brimstone. This is a huge responsibility to uphold. We undertake jobs daily which include, setting up the hall for assemblies, tidying chrome books away at the end of the day, handing out dinner bands to classes and counting these correctly, supporting the staff in the office and doing jobs for them and tidying the library. In addition to these, we look out for younger children and are always on hand to help any staff members. 

Our house captains are:
Archie and Bojan (Adonis)
Lydia and Alice (Admiral)

Sophia and Lola (Emerald)

Jack and Quinn (Brimstone)