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Year 5

Meet the teacher 2023/24

Spring 1

This half term we have been been very busy. We have had Feel good week and art week in which we enjoyed activities like skateboarding, stomping and forest school. Wow, what fun!

Spring 2 - week 1

This week, in Science, we have been learning about thermal conductors and thermal insulators in our module on changes in matter and materials.

This week some yeaR 5'S attened the Aim High Maths program on Wednesday 28th of February. 

"On Wednesday we attented the Aim High maths, it was really fun but hard at the same time as some of the questions were quite tricky" - Caiden

"On Wednesday, we spent a whole day doing maths in the hall with other schools. I enjoyed doing it as we were doing loads of questions which were hard but fun as it was was something we don't usually do." Liam

"Today we participated in the maths Aim High course, we were in groups of 3 year 5's and 6's. There were 2 other schools participating and it was fun but challenging because there were mainly lots of social media tricks, it was not hard enough to be fun." - David 

In spring 2, we will be learning about volcanoes. This week we learned about the construction of volcanoes and then used modelling clay to make an erupting volcano.