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George Street Primary School

George Street Primary And Nursery School

Where Learning Comes Alive

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  • George Street Primary School, George Street, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire HP2 5HJ

School Values

In this school we care

Where Learning Comes Alive


At George Street Primary School, we have a vision to provide a curriculum and learning experience that is active, engages teachers and learners, breeds confidence, is learner-led and incorporates problem-solving and thinking skills. In providing this, we will ensure that learning truly does come alive.

During the summer term 2019, Y6 were featured in the local press presenting a cheque to the Billy's Wish charity.  The children learnt about keeping themselves safe and were keen to raise money for this local charity which is dedicated to educating young people about the dangers of knife crime.  They then held various enterprise days in order to raise money, involving planning, writing persuasive letters to local businesses for support and gathering resources.  This sums up what Learning Coming Alive means to us at George Street.




Our Values are Ready, Respect, Safe


We spend a lot of time learning about this - our assemblies are linked, it runs through our PSHE lessons and is strongly linked to our behaviour policy.  Children learn to think about whether for example they were showing respect to others, and if not how they could amend their behaviour.


Being Ready – to learn, having a growth mind-set and being well prepared for their next stage in education.


Being Respectful – to different viewpoints, things that are unfamiliar and supporting each other.


Being Safe – ensuring everyone feels safe at school, thinking about behaviours that will enable this and being able to make the right choices.  

Our children created some posters as part of a school competition to show what Ready, Safe, Respect means to them.  We talked to them about how our values would help them in the future.  

Interpretations of our Values