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Year 1

As children made their hands dirty in a delicious ginger pastry children have learnt how to measure ingredients and add them together. Children learnt how to mix and kneed the pastry; how to bake and decorate cookies.

While creating cards children demonstrated a range of cutting and shaping techniques, such as cutting, folding and curling. Children developed a range of joining techniques, such as gluing and combining materials to strengthen. The techniques were demonstrated and children were supported by adults.

The children have learnt new skills as well as building on previous taught skills. Children have learnt how to think of ideas for design of a product that has clear purpose and an intended user. Children explored objects and designs to identify likes and dislikes and chose what they might like to create. While working both on cards and tree decorations children have learnt that they can refine the design as work progresses. When working with clay they have learnt that clay needs be warmed up and moulded with hands before making shape required.

Learning in DT week in Year 1: Children design and created their very own Christmas decorations and cards. The class have learnt about Advent and Christmas traditions in England. Firstly, the children had to sketch and design a Christmas tree decoration first and make it using clay. Then children sketch and design Christmas card, then they decided what resources to use to create their own unique in design card. Additionally, children have made ginger bread cookies to lift the festive spirit up.

Year 1 Successful parents reading morning

During RE lesson children were learning about Hindu festival of Diwali. Their task was to create a diva lamp using clay and decorate it so it looks festive. The result of children's work beyond of my expectation. Well done!

As part of Harvest theme children used vegetables and fruits to create their own vision of Autumn. Children have learnt how to mix primary colours to attain desired secondary colours.

As Artists children in Year 1 created pictures of 4 seasons using different media. As part of a team children contributed their ideas and worked together being very supportive to each other.

Science lessons during Autumn Term were filled with observation of nature, seeing patterns in weather and conducting investigation how much rain we had in past few months. The rain fall gauges made by children were an essential tool to do check the level of rain fall.

During RWI lesson children read "Dress up" book. They they dressed up themselves and used their imagination and writing skills to write descriptive sentences using adjectives.

Year 1 Magnificent Maths

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