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Year 6

History Week!

During History week, the children have been learning about WW2 and more specifically 'The Holocaust'. Children learnt about the leaders in WW2 and how certain leaders were dictators and how certain groups were targeted and discriminated against. Children used the 'Boy in the striped Pyjamas' and Anne Frank's Dairy to learn about the Holocaust and what life was like in Nazi Germany.


Children then looked at 'The Butterfly Project' which remembers children who were affected by the events in WW2. Children used poems from ' I will never see a butterfly again' to write their own poems remembering those children who were in the Holocaust.



Steel Bands! 

As part of Black History Month children had the opertunity to learn about the Carribean cutlure. Wayde, who is orignally from Trinidad,  visited our school to talk to the children about his life there. The children then learnt about steel bands and how this was an integral part to his life and culture. They then had the oppertunity to learn how to play traditional songs on the steel bands. There was an amazing buzz from the children, who said what a brillaint day they had! 


                              Welcome back! 

We have had a fantastic start back to school. The children have settled in really well and have adapted well to new school life! The children, who applied for house captain, wrote fantastic speeches and spoke really well for the virtual election. Please keep referring back to the website for any updates and to see what the children have been doing in school.


Since returning, children have been looking at the book 'Coming to England' by Floella Benjamin and gained an insight into life in Trinidad in the 1960s, the Windrush generation and what life was like for Floella when she arrived in the Uk. To excite the children they tried a range of fruits that Floella mentions in her book to gain an insight into her culture and food she ate in Trinidad. The children really enjoyed trying different fruits - however Papaya was not that popular!  

As well as reading an exciting book in English, the year 6 children also have had a visit from the author Matt Beighton. The children were really engaged all day and contributed some excellent ideas. They worked in pairs to create their own adventure stories, which I will upload on here, when they have been finished and edited. Children got a real insight into writing and saw that there were many avenues they could travel down with writing in the future. They began mind mapping their story ideas in chalk then planned on post it notes they order, which enabled them to move their ideas around. 

Matt Beighton day!


In science, children have been learning about electricity. They have been making their own circuits and coming up with their own investigations to test different components in a circuit.