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Year 6



In English, the children are watching the short - yet very creepy! - film, 'Alma'. This week, they are learning about embedded clauses and flashbacks to improve their writing, using plot devices to give further explanation. Next week, they will retell the story from a very different persepctive!



This term, the children are working alongside Watford FC as part of our PSHE lessons. Investigating and exploring our mental health is a hugely important task and as the weeks go, the children will learn more about how to stay mentally fit and healthy.



Today (19.11.21) the class has helped raise money for the BBC's Children In Need, by donating money to dress as Pudsey, or in spotted clothes. There were some fantastic outfits, but Kaitlyn's make up wowed us all!


This week (w/c 15.11.21) is Anti-Bullying Week, with the message ‘One Kind Word’. As a class, we have been looking at the impact of casual remarks to others and what constitutes bullying. The children have been hard at work designing posters – including amazing work from Daisy-Mai!




In English, we have been investigating how authors create mood and atmosphere using descriptive language and specially-selected vocabulary. We read, 'Night of the Gargoyles,' a super-spooky story, for inspirations, and also looked at how films and music could help develop tension! The children even roleplayed being the Gargoyles (and their unlucky victim) to understand character and emotion!


In our Computing lessons, the children have been busy creating their own Blogs! We have discussed online safety, writing a blurb about themselves and began to draft their first blog! Watch this space for updates!!!



On Friday 12th November, the Red Team had their first football match. Unfortunately they lost 2-1, away, against Holtsmere End. According to the coach, the Red Team were by far the better team, although Holtsmere End  played really well. Billy (Y5) got the Man of the Match Award for his amazing tackles in defence.  For George Street, Theo (Y6) scored the crucial equalizer as Mir (Y6) gave the assist. We were drawing 1-1, but they unfortunately scored a late, winning goal.  The Red Team had a great match. Fair play to Holtsmere End Primary School and hopefully we get a better result next time. We thank our coach for all the encouragement and with luck. We wish to make him proud next time.   By Iysa and Mir




As part of Black History Month, we were visited by an amazing Brazilian percussion band! Marcus taught us how to play a samba on the drums, as well as teaching us all about life in Brazil. Year 6 were amazed by how different life is for children of their age in Brazil.


Back in class, we looked at the treatment of the Windrush Generation, as well as researching the life of Ivor Cummings - a black man who helped those who came over on the Windrush to settle here, despite facing abuse himself.



Today, the school was lucky enough to be visited by the poet Paul Lyalls, who helped us celebrate National Poetry Day! Mr Lyalls took an assembly and shared his poems with the children. 


In the afternoon, Year 6 spent some time with him crafting their own pieces of poetry. There were some really thought-provoking poems as well as some silly verse!




On Friday October 8th, Year 6 (along with Year 5) took part in a cross-country challenge, held at Longdean School. There were lots of different events depending on skill level and everyone's determination was on show.

Well done everyone!



This term, Maths has seen Y6 revise and scaffold their learning from previous years. This week, they have been Maths detectives, working their way backwards, using the inverse method, to solve problems.


Our current book is 'Planetarium'. Over the past few weeks, the children have been using this fantastic tome  to research our Solar System and it's planets. The children have been using their note-taking skills to compress large pieces of text into small chunks, and then using their grammatical skills to expand these notes into much more interesting multi-clause sentences!



On Wednesday 13th October, we were finally able to come together as a school community outside of George Street and celebrate Harvest Festival at church. 


Amongst the songs from other years, Year 6 performed an amazing version of 'Fields of Gold' and there were some lovely reading by Jacob, Zuzanna, Iysa and John.


The behaviour of Year 6 was impeccable and showed what great role models they are becoming!




AS part of our programme to help children and their families to stay safe online, we had an assembly with two Police Officers who specialise in Online Safety. They discussed how social media and apps can be dangerous places if you don't take care.





Revisiting and building on their previously learned passing skills, the children have been hard at work developing their hockey skills this half-term.


They have learned how to defend and attack, and how to find space to help their team.


The games have been fiercely competitive and fast-paced!

Year 6 Newsletter - Autumn 2021