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Spring Term

The children in Reception have become Authors and Illustrators this week and have created their very own storybooks. I am sure they would love to tell you their stories...

Our new half termly topic is "Fantasy" and we have been focusing on the book "The Gruffalo" by Julia Donaldson. We have made our own masks of the characters in the story and worked collaboratively to complete a Gruffalo puzzle. What would happen if you took a stroll in the deep dark wood?

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Reception Newsletter - Autumn Term 2021

Autumn Term 


We took part in the school play “The Sleepy Shepherd”. We sang the songs and did the actions. We were all sheep in the play. We performed the play to the rest of the school. We are so sorry that you were unable to watch the play and hear our wonderful singing!

During DT week, Reception children designed their own Christmas Rudolph cards. Each child made a painted footprint to start off their reindeer face. They then chose which material they wanted to use for the antlers, eyes and nose, out of the selection of materials available. They ticked their choices on a design sheet. The children used their design sheet to make their Rudolph card using the materials they had chosen. When their card was complete, the children evaluated it and explained what they liked the most and if they would change anything.

We visited the local library and the children were able to look at a selection of books. The children took part in a picture treasure hunt and had to find hidden images all over the library and tick them off on their record sheet. The staff were welcoming and friendly and read a story to the children. There was also the opportunity for children to colour in a picture to be displayed in the library. It is free to join the library - it would be so wonderful if every child in Reception became a member!

History week


This week, we have been learning about the past and the present. We have been focusing on 'People who help us' including police, firefighters, teachers and nurses.


We compared the past and the present. We looked at photographs of schools in the past and discussed the similarities and differences with our school.


We discussed how firefighters, nurses, teachers and police officers have changed since the past and what equipment and technology they have in the present day that they might not have had in the past. 

We held our first parent reading morning. The children really enjoyed sharing stories with the adults that were able to join us. Thank you!

We have been learning about Harvest. We learnt about a variety of different fruits and vegetables and painted pictures of them. We discussed how different foods can be harvested and what farmers might use to do this, including machinery. To celebrate the Harvest Festival, we walked to St Mary’s Church in the Old Town with the rest of the school. We showed our paintings everyone and performed our Harvest poem with actions.

This week, we took part in a Brazilian Percussion workshop. We practised singing nursery rhymes and the alphabet song. We used a variety of different instruments and items such as frying pans and drums, to create music. We were practising how to keep a steady beat.

We have been learning, exploring and investigating in Forest school each week and we have been finding out about our natural world We have been learning about the season of autumn and we created artwork using leaves that we had found. This artwork became our beautiful autumn display. We then explored the outdoor space to find natural resources. We used these natural items to glue onto a piece of black paper to create an autumn crown. Forest school has helped us to develop our gross and fine motor skills through pouring, digging, scooping, gathering items, lifting logs and even swinging on the forest school swing.

PE has been an excellent opportunity for the children to practise getting changed, build core strength, speed and agility. The children enjoyed climbing, balancing and jumping on the apparatus this week. The children were very safe and sensible with the apparatus in the hall and they showed maturity and responsibility.

We have been focusing on the book "And Tango makes Three" and have been learning about snow and ice. The children had the opportunity to create their own paper snowflakes. They were practising using scissors with skill and control and decorated their snowflakes with collage materials. Come and see our beautiful display in the classroom!

The children have been enjoying building fine motor strength with the colourful playdough. They have also been building fine motor control in the mark-making area using felt tip pens and other tools. They have been focused and have concentrated very hard.

The children have been exploring the creative area and experimenting with mixing paint colours.

The children have been experimenting with wooden blocks. They have been creating a variety of structures and enclosures. What do you think these children have built?

The children in Reception have settled in really well and have already been exploring and investigating in the learning environment