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Autumn 2 Writing:

This half term we have written explanation texts about the different aspects of a day in the life of a caveman. We used our own personal experiences from our very successful caveman day as inspiration for our writing. We used our understanding to write about cavemen homes, food, tools and clothing.


After explanations texts we studied recounts, writing about experiences from our BOB launch day. We explored a range of examples to learn about writing in the first person and present tense.


After the Christmas Holiday we will be having a look at some different forms of poetry, plays and letters.

Autumn 1 Writing:

The first half of the Autumn term has seen Year 3 exploring free-verse poetry. Poetry offers us a great chance to develop vocabulary and we have learned a great deal about the features present in descriptive language. We have also learned about the features of Fairy Tales, looking in particular at The Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Jack and the Beanstalk. We finished off the half term with writing these Fairy Tales from the perspective of the villain, rewriting the ending to proclaim our innocence!


After the half term holiday we will be looking at how explanation texts are written and the features included.



Just as in KS1, in Year 3 the children are expected to continue reading at least 5 time a week. The focus of reading in Year 3 is the development of comprehension skills. It may be that the children read less each day and then have a conversation about what they understand about the storyline or characters they have been reading about. developing these skills will help the children with their creative writing, spelling and reading.



This year we will be continuing with the Read Write Inc Spelling scheme in which we spend a week looking at a spelling rule.