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Sport at George Street Archive 2021-2022

SPORT 2020 - 2021


This term children will still have the opportunity to take part in a series of sporting events but virtually while adhering to the social distancing rules. The Dacorum School Sports Network ( DSSN) have organised a programme of events where children from years 1-6 can participate in, in their bubbles. Results will be collected and sent off and these will then be compared to other schools in our area and a winner will be announced. 

Basketball taster day

All classes in KS2 had the chance to participate in a basketball workshop with Paul Waters. Children played games of basketball as well as learning new tricks, such as spinning the ball on their finger. Through basketball, Paul worked with the children on developing their growth mindset and resilience. He then talked about how they can transfer these skills into other areas of school and life. What a fun day had by all the children!

Basketball taster day

Sport 19-20 at George Street.


We have had a flying start to our sport this term. Children began the year participating in many DSSN events such as: Mini Olympics, Cross Country and Tag Rugby. Fixtures are now being arranged for the Netball and Football league.

Below are some photos of events that children have taken part in. Plus match reports of the Cross Country and Tag Rugby festival.


Cross Country

Cross Country - Year 5 and 6

Tag Rugby Yr 4

Match Report - Rugby Year 4

Sports clubs at lunch time!


Year 6 Sports Crew have set up lunch time sports clubs to try and engage more people within sport. They have a rotation of activities this term so that each year/Key stage get a go at all sports that are offered. These clubs are having a very positive effect on lunchtimes and the clubs are having a  good turn out


They are free to join - so come along get fit and try a new sport!

Lunchtime Sport Clubs!

Skip to be fit! 

Years 3 and 4 have been taking part in the Skip to be fit challenge. Each week, for 11 weeks, children will skip for 1 minute. Their score will be recorded and sent off to compete against other schools who are also taking part. Children should see an improvement in their skipping as each week progresses! 

Year 6 Sport's Crew are running the event and are doing an excellent Job. Update on here as to how we have got on! 

Skip to be fit!!

Year 4 Tag Rugby! 

Year 4 participated in a Tag Rugby Tournament in Kings Langley. Children split into two teams and played 4 games each. 

The teams were split into Mr Mellors team and Miss Pipe's team. 

Mr Mellor's team: Won 2 Lost 1 and Draw 1 

Miss Pipe's team: Won 1 and Lost 3

Well done to all that participated in the competition. All children really enjoyed it and showed great team work throughout the whole afternoon. 

Great work Year 4! 

Cross Country

On the 8th October 2018, George Street Primary School participated in a Cross Country event at Laureate Academy. Last week, students from years 3, 4, 5 and 6 ran either a competitive or non-competitive race against the rest of the Dacorum. Years 3 and 4 ran a 1km competitive track whereas years 5 and 6 had the option to run either a 2km competitive track or a 1km non-competitive track.


All of the students who participated ran fantastically well and some even beat their place from last year. One particular student in year 5 came first place for her 2km competitive race and gave an outstanding performance as she maintained first place from the start to the finish. It was an amazing day out with a great atmosphere and students should be very proud of their achievements. Well done everyone!

Children in year 5 and 6 participated in the High five netball competition at sports space. The children played amazingly and really did George Street proud. They won a game and drew a game. They just missed out on the semi- final after not getting through a shot out.


Fantastic team work!! Well Done!

High Five netball Tournament

Year 5 Dodgeball Tournament

Ten children from year 5 attended a Dodgeball tournament at Cavendish Secondary school for our first Dodgeball tournament.

The team consisted of: Tyler,Daisy,Ben,Bill,Oliver,Holly,Kayleigh,Emma,Matthew and George.


When we arrived we sat on our schools bench and waited as we were one of the first schools there. Then we were to play three matches the top two teams would then go to the quarter final. The matches were 7 minutes a, against other schools. We went against Micklem (we drew),Galley Hill(we lost)and Hobletts Manor(We Won!!).We came third in our group missing out on the quarter final by a few points. Although we might have not got into the quarter final, we still had a fantastic afternoon and worked well as a team.



Netball match report


Rebekah, Lauren, Annabelle, Jaida, Holly,Jessica, Hannah, Lilly, and Lexi played against Brockswood on the 19th January 2018. We were all really excited for our first netball match. It was at home so we played on our netball court. It was split it into 4 quarters which were 10 minutes each.

In the first part of the match we were all playing hard as we could to get the ball in the hoop. They were putting up a good fight. The whistle went, unfortunately no one got a goal.

Going in to the second quarter, we still kept going because we were determined to score a goal. The ball kept on going down to our net but it either went out or got caught by the other team.


It was the third quarter and we kept on going and we were really proud of ourselves as we were yet to concede a goal

In the last quarter we were all getting very wet and wasn't very nice but we kept on going. During the last quarter, Brockswood scored the first goal, but then we levelled with them, leaving the score 1-1. They then got 2 more and we fought back and got one more goal so the final score was 4-2 to Brockswood. We are extremely proud of how we played for our first match.

By Rebekah and Lauren

George Street VS Brockswood Netball Match

Netball Match Photos

Year 1 and 2 took part in the annual Virtual run against other schools. Both year groups really enjoyed the run.
Year 3 and 4 participated in the Yearly Skip t be fit competition against the other schools in Dacorum. The scores were sent of for analysing and we are awaiting to hear the results.
We were lucky enough to have Leverstock Green Tennis club come in and spend time with the children and introduce them to Tennis. There is now Tennis club that runs on a Wednesday lunchtime.

Tennis Taster day

Ian Rose, A Para Olympian, visited our school to share his life experiences with the children and talk about having a positive 'Growth Mindset'. He then worked with children in year 4-6 and ran workshops which covered, self esteem, teamwork and coping with stress.

Ian Rose

Cross Country Year 3-6

Football Match - Boxmoor v George St - 4-3

The George Street football team were unlucky to narrowly lose 4-3 away against Boxmoor School.

George Street went 2-0 up in the first half thanks to two counter attacking goals from Sullivan in quick succession.  They had lots more chances, including a good one for Josh, but could not add to the score, which then let Boxmoor level the game 2-2 at half time.

In the second half both teams were evenly matched until Sullivan crossed for Alfie to score a fantastic header into the bottom corner to make it 3-2.  Alfie nearly scored again, but hit the post, after which Boxmoor scored to make it 3-3.

Despite some excellent defending by Saahil and Seth at the back, and Connor in goal, Boxmoor scored again to lead 4-3.  George Street pushed forward for an equalizer with Daniel, Will, Harry, Alfie and Sullivan attacking well with some great passing but they could not find the back of the net. 

Everyone played well and should be proud of their performance and almost getting a positive result.


Football Match - George St VS St Barts - 7th November 2016

Our second match went a bit better as it was on Monday the 7thof November and the score was 4-4. Dan R (Y6), Will (Y5) Josh (Y5) scored amazing goals. Will got 2 great goals and first half 3-2 St .Bart’s scored 2 more goals and Will scored to make it equal.

Tag Rugby - 4th November 2016

The year 4 tag rugby team did well and drew with Gade Valley 9-9!!


Football Match - George St VS St.Pauls - 20th October 2016

We were playing at home against St. Pauls, The score was 6-1 and Sullivan (Y6) scored at the last few minutes of the game. The first half of the game was even as the score at half time was 1-1. We played the formation 2-3-1 as it was 7-a-side.The second half was a bit worse for George Street as we conceded 5 goals.




On Tuesday 18th October, Year 3 and Year 4 were invited to participate in Hemel Stags' tag rugby festival. The children participated brilliantly, with Year 3 winning all of their games, putting them straight through to the final.
Year 4 won three games: 3-1 vs Galley Hill, 1-0 vs Hobletts A and 3-0 vs Nash Mills and lost one: 1-0 vs Holtsmere End A. They had a chance of making the final, but other results did not go their way. Nevertheless, they all played magnificently and represented the school superbly. Well done all of the Y4 children who participated.
Tremendously, year 3 played in the final and won! The winning try was scored in the final seconds in front of a jubilant crowd of parents, children and teachers. The children were magnificent in victory and showcased great sporting behaviour, shaking hands with the losing team - Nash Mills - before celebrating their victory.

Year 3 & 4 Cross Country - 12th October 2016

Year 3 Girls - Lexi & Charlotte plus one other took part in the year 3 girls race, the girls did an amazing job and Charlotte came 5th out of approx. 200 girls.  WELL DONE GIRLS!!

Year 3 boys - Finley, Dylan, Jaimeson & Jay took part in the year 3 boys race, great sportsmen and gave it their all!  WELL DONE BOYS!!


Year 4 Girls - Holly, Katie & Emma - Despite the downpour the girls carried on regardless!! They did a fantastic job and did the school proud - WELL DONE GIRLS!!

Year 4 Boys - Ben & Tyler, Lewis, Sephan & one other were brilliant in the year 4 boys race - WELL DONE BOYS!!


TABLE TENNIS TOURNAMENT - 4th & 5th October 2016



Shannon (Y6), Amy (Y6), Annabelle (Y5) and Tamsin (Y5)

The George St girls table tennis team took part in an inter-school table tennis tournament, the girls played with the usual determination and enthusiasm and should be commended on their sportsmanship. 

There were 4 rounds of 3 matches and the girls won 5 of these!



Harry (Y6) Sullivan (Y6) Frankie (Y6) Daniel R (Y6)

The George St boys table tennis team also took part in the inter-school table tennis tournament, they too played with the same tenacity and sportsmanship and didn't give up!  They should be congratulated on their success during the tournament.

Out of the 48 games played the boys won 26!



Dacorum School Sports Network Awards - Summer 2016

On Friday night the DSSN annual awards took place at Cavendish School. Our nominees joined the celebrations and met Olympic Hockey player Hollie Webb.  With help from Elena and Maiyu we nominated children for the following awards:

Young Sports Achiever of the Year KS1

Finley year 2

We nominate Finely for the young sports achiever of KS1 because he shows brilliant sportsmanship in whatever he plays. Moreover, he shows real determination as he participates in football outside of school. He plays for Chorley Wood, Wickham Elite and Wickham. In addition to this he is very helpful at our after school club helping to motivate others. He will be a great Sports Ambassador in the future.

Young Sports Achiever of the Year lower KS 2

Joshua Reeve  Year 4

Joshua is passionate about all sports and he excels in all the sports he tries. Outside of school he plays football and it is his real passion.

Will Kinsey  Year 4

Will is a sporting star, his enthusiasm is infectious and he excels at all sports he tries. Throughout lessons he always supports others and helps to evaluate and improve their work. He has been an important player in our rugby team and helped us to win the Sky Try event. He also was a key player in our Y3/4 football tournament team. When asked to take part in the mini tennis he practised every break and lunch time to prepare.


Young Sports Achiever of the Year Upper  KS2

Elena Earey  Year 6  George Street

Elena is a talented sports woman and excels in all sports that she takes part in. She has been a fantastic Sports Ambassador. Her participation in sports throughout the year has helped develop her confidence and help to improve her learning behaviour. Elena’s progress in her learning has also been helped by her growing confidence.

Elena has not only taken part in many of our after school clubs but has also supported Mr Merrett lead the FS and KS1 gymnastics club and has planned and run a Fit $ Fun club both after school and at Lunch. The younger children admire and look up to her. Elena is a talented rugby player and she plays for Hemel Stags outside of school. She has used this skill to help coach Y4 rugby players .

Bronze Ambassador of the Year

Elena Earey  Year 6

Elena has exceeded in this role this year and has been the most effective of young leaders. She has helped promote and supported the growth of sport throughout the school. She regularly reports about school sports events in whole school assemblies. With Maiyu her partner, she has written a clear action plan for her role and with support has evaluated and added to this plan. With the sports crew she has organised an intra-sport event at least each half term, where she has been organised and encouraged as many children as possible to take part.

She has a been a fantastic Change 4 Life ambassador where she has planned and lead an after school club and lunch time club, through these she has inspired and motivated others to attend and be active, this has also lead to children she has supported to join the gymnastics club she attends out of school.

Maiyu Mutio Year 6

Maiyu has exceeded in this role this year. He has helped promote and supported the growth of sport throughout the school. He regularly reports about school sports events in whole school assemblies and promotes a love of sport throughout the school. With Elena his partner, he has written a clear action plan for his role and with support has evaluated and added to this plan. With the sports crew he has organised an intra sport event each half term.

Maiyu has planned and run numerous Change 4 Life activities and clubs and always helps to motivate others.

School Sports Organising Crew Award

George Street Sports crew lead by Elena Earey & Maiyu

Sullivan, Rebecca, Sonny, Amy, Leon, Shannon, Frankie, Molly & Euan

The sports crew are now a well- established and very effective part of our young leaders programme at George Street and with the lead from the Bronze Ambassadors they have managed to support the development of sport in the school.  They have been key in helping to organise and run the intra house events and managing to get as many pupils involved as possible. In addition this year they have really been responsible for the change for life programme this year, where they have supported and run their own clubs and sessions. They are fantastic role models for the school and children want to be part of their crew.

School Sports Coach Over 21

Mike Stewart- Hemel Stags

Mike has been a fantastic support to the school and has really assisted in our sporting journey this year. He works tirelessly to support a love for sport and often gives additional time to take part in assemblies and help to run events like our World Cup Rugby Day. Although he is not a member of our staff he always takes the time to talk the children and encourage them wherever he can. With his help our school has learned to love rugby and enjoy all the competitive opportunities. We have even won an event with his help!

Nick Merret- APEX

Nick is not only a coach at our school but a well loved member of our school community. He has greatly supported the development of support at George Street this year, not only coaching and developing the children’s knowledge and love of sports but helping to up skill and develop our teaching staff too.

Nick is always positive and a fantastic role model for our children. He is never too busy to listen to the children and share with their experiences.

In addition to his coaching commitments he also spends some of his free time putting additional practise with the children for events.

With his help we have managed to have 127 out 175 of our KS1 and KS2 children attend a sports club this year and he is also well like by the parents.


Spirit of the Games Awards

Determination-Damien Year 6

This incredible boy never used participate in any sports until we played cricket . Furthermore, Damien puts his self forward to start catching balls and running more. He always keeps on going and wants to meet his goals. As well as that, his confidents has grown he never takes any notice of people if he misses the ball or makes a mistake.


Passion- Heath Year 2

Heath has shown a really enthusiasm and passion for all the sporting opportunities on offer. He is always motivated and tackles all lessons with a smile. We are really proud that he is now continuing his passion out of school by going to train with Hemel Stags.

Respect- Sullivan Year 5

As part of the sports crew Sullivan is a real role model. He has been a key player in all of our school teams where he always displays respect for his peers, teachers and sport leaders. He helps others around him to demonstrate this also.

Self-Belief Chloe Granden Year 6

Chloe has greatly grown in confidence this year firstly in sport and this has transferred to all areas of school life. With support from Elena our Sports Ambassador she now believes in her ability and has not joined a gymnastics club outside of school with Elena.

Team work- Sonny Tovey Year 6

Sony has matured greatly over the year and his part of the sports crew is so valuable. He supports others in the team and has been organised and positive at all times. When playing any team support he motivates others and offers helpful advice of how to be a better team and gain results. As part of our football team he was often voted by others as man of the match as he was positive and motivated other within the team. He helps build the confidence of others.

Service to PE and School Sport Award

Adele Helsey

Not only has this incredible woman taken over year 6 she is running sports as well. Miss Helsey has been a fantastic addition to our sports team. Moreover, she has helped us organise many competitions throughout this school year. She has helped to develop lots of children’s sports skills due to her love and passion for sports. She is never too busy to listen to the children who want to share their own sports experiences with her. As well as that, she enters us into competitions outside of school and goes out of her way to organise more events.


Elena Earey  &

Maiyu Mutio



Thank you to Clare Mc Cawley and Lilli Bentley at the DSSN for all their hard work organising the event.

Sky Try Rugby

A fantastic team of Year 5 & 6 children battled out in the rain this afternoon at the Sky Try Rugby Festival. I was totally impressed with both the rugby skills and the sportsmanship displayed by our team.

Year five fought hard in their pool and worked as a team to score many tries. Jack A displayed his speed and Michael showed his strength. I managed to see Frankie weave his way to score a fantastic Try!

Year 6 made it into the final, displaying fantastic team work and true determination. Elena was nicknamed ‘Super Woman’ by the opposition and she truly was! Maiyu was like a tank crashing through the defence and fast feet helped Ben, Leon and Jona to grab many a tag from the opposition. All in all every member of the team was brilliant.


During the tense final both teams showed real passion and determination through the teaming rain. We were finally defeated by Hammond in a close game, but the Hammond team played really well to come back from two tries down.


We would like to thank Mike for yet another fantasic event and helping us to love rugby. Thank you to Mr Carr and Darren who coached both teams well and Ben and Elena’s parents for cheering us on through thick and thin!

Boxing Our Way to the Olympics


Monday 27th June all the children got the chance to get into the ring! On our ‘Road to Rio’ we sampled the Olympic sport of boxing. Dan brought in the ring and punch bags to give each class the opportunity to show what they are made of and spend some time on the pads. Year 6 have been having weekly boxing lessons and these have helped to relieve stress and build confidence. It was great to see all the school having a sample of this.

Cricket in the sunshine!!!

Today 10 of our wonderful Y5 and 6 children ventured to Leverstock Green Cricket Club to take part in a cricket tournament. We had a fantastic afternoon and played our socks off! Saahil and Jonathan smashed many 6's and Ben had some fantastic catches! The whole team was amazing and always made me very proud with their fantastic sportsmanship.

The JFK helpers were great and we would like to thank Lilli and Clare at DSSN for organising yet another fantastic event!

Tri Golf Event


Sports Relief Fun!

Friday 18th March 2016


To raise money for Sports relief this year we ran a sponsored fitness circuit challenge for the whole school to take an active part in! Each class, with the fantastic support of the Sports Crew, completed the circuit of activities. It was lots of fun as well as hard work!


The proceeds from this day are going to be split 3 ways, half will go to Sport relief, a quarter will go to the lioness orphanage, this is the schools chosen charity, and a quarter will go to the Rosina McAuley Brighter Future fund.  The latter is a memorial fund set up with Great Ormond Street Hospital for bowel disorders.


I would like to say a huge thank you to all the children for being fabulous! A well done to the Sports Crew who displayed their fantastic leadership skills! We were also very lucky to have Jess Forbes Malone support us throughout the day, so thank you to her also.


As always thank you for all the support from home.




Year 6 'Show Racism the Red Card'

Today Year 6 went to visit Vicarage Road to take part in a workshop designed to stamp out racism. We learned about how football players have been subjected to racial abuse  and how they are working together to show racism the red card!

We took part in a question and answer session with players including Watford mid fielders Guedioura, Anya and super striker Ighalo. In addition, legend Graham Taylor also took part and answered questions posed by Sonny and Grace.

It was a fantastic and worthwhile experience, with such superstars sending clear messages to our respectful pupils.

Super League Hull KR visit George Street





Today we were really fortunate to be visited by Super League high flyers and last year’s Challenge Cup finalists Hull Kingston Rovers. Mike Stewart from Hemel Stags arranged for the players to visit, a reward for winning the Year 4 Sky Try Rugby League. We were really lucky as we were the only primary school they visited in the area!


The visiting players, Aussie Maurice Blair, Frenchman Kevin Larroyer and English players James Green, Ian Thornley and Matty Marsh spoke in assembly about their experiences, sacrifices, and why they love rugby league. They were not used to public speaking but did a fantastic job. They had to use many of our school Learning Powers in their day to day life, especially resilience.


Some of our Sports Crew asked them questions such as:

 ‘What is your greatest sacrifice you have had to make to follow your dreams and become a rugby player?

What advice would you give to anybody wanting to get fit and improve their health?

Last year you played in a cup final at Wembley. How do you prepare for such an important match?’


They left behind some autographed goodies for us to give out in assembly this Friday, where we will do a lucky dip to find the new owners!


We would like to say a huge thank you to all the players and Mike for arranging such an inspirational visit.

Anyone wanting to check out the visiting Hull KR players can go to


Remember  to check out Hemel Stags website.  

Perhaps you might be inspired to play rugby too!

Meeting Special Olympian Georgina Maton!!


Whilst at the David Lloyd centre in Hatfield, for our Bronze Ambassador training, we met the amazing Georgina! For anyone that doesn’t know who she is Georgina is a special Olympic participant who joined in 2007. She started her career as a horse rider at the age of 5! She has won 3 gold medals.


She gave an amazing inspiring speech and told us a fabulous story about how she was so proud of her medals and achievements. It was fabulous to meet her and to hear her story!


By Maiyu and Elena

Year 5 & 6 Table Tennis Tournament


A few days ago we and some of our sports crew went to an amazing table tennis tournament. We competed against lots of other schools in our area, which was really fun because we got to meet lots of new people!


The room was absolutely packed ping pong balls were everywhere!! It was really difficult to keep scores however it was still fantastic. We would really hope to do something like this again with all the other schools and with lots of different people!


By Maiyu- Sports Ambassador


Change4Life Festival Year 3

Last Thursday, the Year 3 children visited Cavendish School to join in with a Change4Life Festival. It was a chance for the children to try different activities that were lead by Cavendish’s fantastic Young Leaders from Year 9. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves, particularly practising ball skills and dancing! Even Mr Burr and Mrs Phillips showed off some of their moves!

We hope to include some of the activities into the Year 6 Young Leaders lunch time clubs at George Street. It was a great event, we would like to offer thanks to Clare Mc Cawley for organising.

Friendly football match V Bovingdon

Rugby World Cup Event

On Friday 25th September 2015 we ran a rugby world cup day where F1 to Y6 got involved as well as some parents!


In the morning Mike Stewart from Hemel Stags and Calum Earey set up different activities for the F1 - Year 2 children to practise basic rugby skills. They had lots of fun playing different games.


Before lunch we had a Parents & Teachers V Children match. It was a close and competitive match and ended in a draw. Thank you to all who were brave enough to take part.


In the afternoon the Year 3 to Year 6 cuhildren competed in a tag rugby intra house competition. We all had a fantastic time and everyone was involved and played in the matches. The year 3 and 4 children played against each other. The year 5 and 6 children played against to each other. We really see some fantastic reciprocity and display of rugby skills. You could score 10 points for a win, 5 points for a draw and additional points for each try scored.


We tried to display the values of the Rugby World Cup.


Well done to ADONIS who were the winners!


We would like to thank all the adults who came along to the event and especially the ones who pllayed in the match. Also the day would not of been so successful without the fantastic work and support of Mike Stewart and Calum Earey- thank you to you both.


By Elena and Maiyu



Our first Intra House Competition


We are very proud of how our first intra house competition was run. It was a basketball shooting competition from F1 up to Year 6 and we were looking for children with good aiming skills.

We were really pleased that so many children took park and had a very active lunch time. Next time we would like to see everyone have a go.

The results were:

4th Place Adonis with 41 points      

3rd Place Emerald with 54 points

2nd Place Brimstone with 55 points

Congratulations to the winners Admiral with 66 points.

By The Sports Crew


Meet The New Sports Crew

The Sports Ambassadors, Maiyu and Elena, have completed their first task in their new role of choosing their Sports Crew. We are looking forward to seeing them all in action promoting sport and healthy living throughout school. Tomorrow they are running their first intra house competition, a basketball shooting competition. Which team will win this time?

New Sports Crew meet Olympians

The new Sports Ambassadors and some of the Sports Crew went off to Bedford University today. They are part of a Young Leaders Programme being run by the Youth Sports Trust and they will be developing sporting activities throughout school. They have been motivated by Olympians and have been given training to organise and lead their own activities. We look forward to seeing the crew in action.

Sports Day

Last weeks sports day was fantastic! ‘It was the best Sports Day we have ever had at George Street’ was the comment made by most children, staff and parents I spoke to. It was brilliant to see so many children displaying their sporting skills and supporting each other. Parents and carers you were amazing! After many reluctantly agreed to race, we see the real competitive spirit and a little bit more than we bargained for in the space hopper race!


Congratulations to all the House Teams , but a special well done to Admiral the FS and KS1 winner and Brimstone the KS2 winner. 

I would like to say a  huge thank you to all involved and a special mention to Rob Peche and Mike for handing out the trophies.


Children Sports Hoppers

DSSN Award Winners

Friday night was the DSSN annual awards, for primary sporting achievement in Dacorum. George Street  had nominated people for 5 of the numerous awards. It was held at Cavendish School and children, teachers and parents gathered to celebrate the successes of the past year.

 Sullivan in Year 4 and Elena in Year 5,were nominated for achievers in lower KS2 and Upper KS2 and both were highly commended. Samuel was nominated for Sports Ambassador and was runner up. Ashton and the Sports Crew were nominate for all their hard work and also were runners up. Over 21’s Coach of the year also gave us another second place position, where Mr Merrett was commended for all his hard work at George Street.

Then came the DSSN Award, of which we didn’t nominate ourselves. This is for school sporting achievement. We were all surprised when our name was called as a nominee and then gob smacked when we were announced the winners! We were full of pride as the children went on the stage to receive our award from the British Athlete Laura Turner. So we are Dacorum winners and have even ordered a new cabinet to display our awards.

Award Winners

Rounders Team

The rounders team have been part of the Year 5 and 6 rounders league. They have worked hard to  practise their skills at lunch times and during lessons, also having to master the rules. They had a terrific start to the league with good wins against Brockswood and Lime Walk, but suffered a narrow defeat against Belswains losing 7 - 8 1/2 rounders.


It is the first time we have been part of the league and we have really enjoyed playing in the matches. It has been wonderful to have so many parents support us too! 

Well done Team George Street!

Jack, Ashton, Ellis, Samuel, Ethan, Conner, Sophie, Elena, Tegan and Lauren.

Rounders Team

Fight2Fitness Boxing Taster Sessions

Today KS2 have sampled a Boxing session run by Dan from Fight2Fitness! It was fantastic and hard work!  After a warm we practised a jab and a cross punch and learned to keep up a guard (You would not want a jab to the face, would you?) Later we practised with the pads and had to finish with the deadly plank! Have you tried holding that position for 2 minutes? It hurts like MAD!!!

It was great fun but an exhausting session! I’m sure Dan’s boxing club next term will be fantastic!


By Ashton


Year 4 Mini Olympics

Today, Year 4 competed in a Mini Olympics at Cavendish School against other schools in the Dacorum district. They competed in a variety of events such as: Boccai, Mini Tennis, Football, Hi Five Netball and Athletics. As always they flew the flag for George Street and were fantastic sports.  Overall, we came 4th , narrowly missing on 3rd by 2 points and only 7 points from second!

Well done Year 4 !

Also see our Sports Ambassadors page in the Pupil Leaders section.

FS Olympics Bronze Winners


On Friday 19th June the Foundation Stage went to the Hemel Sports Space to compete in the Dacorum FS Olympics. The children were victorious and collected the Bronze award!


The children tried lots of new events such as: giant speed stacking, curling and space hopper racing! They represented the school fantastically and were very excited to tell everyone about their trip when they got back to school! We have included some of these events in our sports day, so you can come and watch our budding Olympians in action.


Well done F2, we are all very proud of you!

F2 Bronze Olympic Winners

Tennis Winners!!!!!

Tonight buddy tennis players in Year 4 were unstopable at the Leverstock Green Tennis Tournament! Rashida, Amy, Sullivan and Daniel played the games of their lives as they played against other schools in Dacorum.


They smashed their way into the semi finals, scoring a whopping 109 points out of a possible 120! In the semis they fought hard against a strong Pixies Hill team, again scoring high they headed for the finals. Greenway were very worthy finalists and they finally broke our winning streak to take the title.


Our fabulous four players were a credit to George Street School. They played with determination and were fanstastic sports. Bravo!!

The Sports Crew

Year 2 Summer Sports Fayre

On Monday 27th July, Year 2 ventured to Sport Space Hemel Hempstead to take part in a Dacorum School Sports Network sporting event. Many schools across Dacorum came together to display their athletic abilities and take part in many different activities. As always the children had lots of fun and were very excited about how fast they ran, how high they jumped and how far they threw! Take a look at the pictures to see the children in action.

Year 2 Sports Fayre at Sportspace Hemel Hempstead

Year 3 & 4 Football Squad March 2015

Thursday 22nd January 2015, we braved the cold to play at home against Brockswood Primary School. Reddings.  Again, we tried to work as a team and listen to Mr Merret’s and Cian’s advice! We scored first but it was closely followed by a goal from Brockswood! We both scored another goal each and held them off for a 2-2 draw. Sonny thoroughly deserved ‘Man of the Match’ again! A special thank you to Frankie who stepped in at the last moment to play too!

Year 3 and 4 Football Tournament