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Year 1

Year 1's fabulous poetry performances!


We have been learning about poems and how to write and perform them in Year 1. 

We thought it was important to think about how we performed our poems and focused on these areas when performing:

- our tone

- our speed

- our volume

- our actions


We then praised and gave top tips for improvement.

Well done Year 1 you did a great job!

Gadebridge Park Trip. We walked to the park and used our five senses in the flower garden and in a giant puddle! Then we played in the park. We wrote some fantastic recounts when we got back!

Pastor Sam visits and explains about Easter!

Pastor Sam came to explain about what Christian's celebrate Easter.  The children told them what they had learned in R.E. and asked him lots of questions!  Good work Year 1!

Using our cutlery!

Art Week. We looked at the artist Micahel Bolus, who used sheet metal to make abstract sculptures. We used paper!

Year 1 have been making sure they know how to use their cutlery in thier hand control activities! 

Year 1 have been measuring mad!

Year 1 have been learning how to use lots of measuring methods to see how tall and wide everyday objects are.  We began by looking at how many hands high the table was, we then progressed to using cubes and we are beginning to use a ruler too.  


The children have enjoyed the practical exploration of this topic and are regularly reporting that items in the playground are 'x'number of hands tall!