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Year 5

Figurative Language Poetry

In Week 5, we turned our artistic eyes and talent to North America and began to explore Pop Art. We loved the comic book style of Roy Lichtenstein's work and the eagle eyed amongst us quickly picked up on the use of dots (just like Seurat!). After refreshing our understanding of onomatopoeias and considering why authors or artists might use such figurative language, we started to sketch. We quickly discovered that comic book style drawings are very different from still life! Clean lines and bright colours are very important. 

Painting the style of Georges Seurat

As part of our exploration of what makes people thrive, we are looking into art and culture around the world. Once humanity began to master basic survival we started to develop cultural activities to enrich our lives. We began by looking at a European artist called Georges Seurat who painted in a style called pointillism. After carefully looking at some of his more famous paintings, we had great fun trying to paint natural disasters using cotton buds. The cotton buds enabled us to keep our dots beautifully even, something that was too tricky with a paintbrush. Check out our fantastic tsunamis! 

Sofia recounts our fab Kidzania trip

Summer Term: Survivors

Reporting live from Camberwell

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Inspired by the events in Boy in the Tower, Year 5 decided to interview each other for a news report. After designing staff badges to become expert witnesses, we interviewed each other as reporters before writing a news reading. Then, we filmed our news broadcasts.


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Learning how to draft a television style news report

Reporting live from the scene! Children practise interviewing each other and developing our speaking and listening skills. 

Tracking our exciting read aloud: Boy in the Tower

Here are just a couple of the rave reviews from the class as we work our way through our new read aloud book:

"I love this book! There's always something to picture in your head!" 

"Every time you stop reading there's always a cliffhanger! It's just so exciting!"

Children's Mental Health Week


Year 5 created Positivity Portraits. First, we brainstormed words about ourselves that we hoped other people thought about it. It is often really hard to come up with positive comments about ourselves but when we think about others, the positive thoughts just burst out! In order for us to see how amazing we really are, we added positive words to each other’s word maps. We talked about how important it is to talk to yourself the way you would talk to your best friend! You wouldn’t say anything mean to them, so you are not allowed to be mean to yourself! Then, we created self portraits using the positive words to show how we are made up of wonderful qualities.

Positivity Portraits

Space themed poetry by Jess F

Heliocentric Solar System Models

Space Creations 

Year 5 have been hard at work in their Spring Unit, "To Infinity and Beyond." This unit is all about how curiosity helps to drive forwards progress and we are using the context of space to explore this. As part of our studies, we have been examining the planets. Year 5 have been asking and researching lots of questions. One area of learning was finding out how ideas about our solar system have changed over time by advances in scientific thinking: it's okay to change your mind and adapt your thinking when presented with new evidence! With this in mind, Year 5 created heliocentric models of our solar system.