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Year 4


As part of the writing process and our writing cycle, we spend time editing our work with our partner. This helps us to be able to hear someone else read our work, get advice and tips from one another about how to improve our work and make it even better! When we edit, we look for punctuation, spelling errors, ensure it makes sense and make our work even more exciting if we can! Editing also helps us to work as part of a team and build our resilience. We are learning to recognise that things won't always be perfect the first time round!

Melting Chocolate


As part of our Science unit on 'States of Matter', we investigated what would happen when we attempted to melt a dark, milk and white chocolate button using just the heat from our hands. First, we looked at the cocoa solids in each button and the milk powder and based our predictions on this. Then, we kept our hands flat, placed the button in and then observed what happened. 

Number Magnitude


In Maths, we have been working on number and place value. This has included; regrouping numbers, ordering and comparing numbers and place numbers on a number line. When estimating number magnitude, we found that it helped us if we found the mid point and the quarter points. After positioning the numbers, we used our reasoning skills to explain our thinking and our justification for putting the numbers in those places. 

Dare to Aspire


On Tuesday, an ex-professional rugby player named George Fouche came to speak to us about his life and his experiences. His message was to be resilient and never give up. As part of the day, we completed a workshop where we had to build structures out of spaghetti and marshmallows. Despite it being tough, we didn't let it beat us and kept going!

Welcome Back!


It has been so lovely to welcome the children back to school and to see them after the summer break. We have enjoyed getting to know each other once again and have enjoyed school life returning back to normal. Keep checking our class page for further updates.

Year 4 Newsletter - Autumn 2021