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“Where Learning Comes Alive”


Year 4

September: The first busy month back!


We have been getting to grips with life in year 4 and have done lot of work around working together as a team, helping each other and how we can work as effective learning partners.


This month we have kicked off our topic of ‘Eurovision’!  We started out by trying lots of different foods that are popular across Europe.  We have made links with this to RE, looking at how sharing food together can be important in different religions.  We also made some food of our own and used this to write instructions. 


We then found out a lot about the rules of The Eurovision Song Contest and wrote explanation texts about how to get an entry into the competition.


We have studied the flags of some of the different European countries and look at the names of some of the capital cities.  We have learned about mountains and volcanoes and have researched some of the well-known ones in Europe.


We have learned about the saltwater Fjords of Norway and about the solar winds that form the Northern Lights.  We created some of our own northern light inspired artwork using wax crayons, watercolour paint and chalks.


In maths we have been concentrating on place value and have been using the base 10, bead strings and place value grid lots to work with numbers in lots of different ways!

Practical Maths

Practical Maths 1
Practical Maths 2
Practical Maths 3
Practical Maths 4
Practical Maths 5
Practical Maths 6
Practical Maths 7
Practical Maths 8
Practical Maths 9
Practical Maths 10
Practical Maths 11

Eurovision Writing

Eurovision Writing 1
Eurovision Writing 2
Eurovision Writing 3
Eurovision Writing 4
It's Road Safety Week and children will be learning more about how to keep safe. Thank you for supporting us with this when using the roads around our school.