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“Where Learning Comes Alive”

“Where Learning Comes Alive”



Our Autumn Term topic has been all about blogs. In case you don't know what these are, here is a quick description to help you:

A blog is short for 'web log' and is a website where users post journal-like entries for others to read. Blogs can take the form of online diaries, travel logs or reports from special events. We have discussed the importance of staying safe online and creating an 'avatar' and not giving out personal details. Watch this space to find out how to access our bogs...(we are still working on them). 


In the Spring Term, our topic will be 'Spreadsheets' which will provide opportunities for cross-curricular links in learning. We will learn how to input data and perform calculations and then use our new skills to solve problems. 

Last Day for the Book Fair 14th November. Please join us in the Hall. Also we are supporting children in need on Friday 16th November. Thank you for your support with both of these!