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“Where Learning Comes Alive”


Year 2

Amazing Super Soup...


Monday 22nd October 2018 

In Year 2 this afternoon, we were cooking. We had to prepare the vegetables for our soup.

The ingredients that we used were:


- Potatoes

- Carrots

- Parsnips

- Onions

- Leeks

- Vegetable stock cubes


"We peeled the skin off of the vegetables first." Isabella


"We sliced them into small chunks." Alice


"We washed the vegetables because they were dirty and we wanted to make sure there was no mud on them." Sophia and Lola


"We took it in turns to peel the skin off. We practised that sharing is caring and our teamwork." Archie, Rachel and Lola


"We put the vegetables into the pot." Bojan


"We tasted some of the vegetables when they were raw, which means not cooked, and the leek was very spicy."


"The onion was a bit slippery." Sophia


"The onion tasted a bit sour." Alex


"The leek and the onion had a strong taste." Alice


We really enjoyed making our soup this afternoon and can't wait to taste it!



Picture 1 Alex and Louie peeling a potato.
Picture 2 Bojan peeling a potato.
Picture 3 Lydia peeling a carrot.
Picture 4 Kiera and Sophia peeling a carrot.
Picture 5 Quinn, Jack and Louis preparing their vegetables.
Picture 6 Archie, Isabella and Lola cutting an onion.
Picture 7 Louie peeling a carrot.
Picture 8 Isabella's first time tasting an onion.

Number Representation in Maths...




This morning in maths we looked at how numbers can be represented using a range of equipment including:


Place value and arrow cards




Miss Gabriel showed us a number on a beadstring and we had to identify it. Then as a class, we made the same number using base-10, then money and then arrow cards. We explained what we noticed and what was the same and what was different. We then carried on making numbers with different equipment in our pairs.

Some examples of what we said were:
I notice that even with the different resources, the numbers are still the same.


I can see that both numbers have the same amount of tens and the same amount of ones. That must mean the numbers are the same.


I think that if you add extra on one side you need to do the same to the other one. Otherwise, they won't balance.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Golden Learning...


This week in golden learning we used the Maths resources to play lots of different games. We had a carousel of different activities and got the chance to play them all! All of the games helped to consolidate our learning that we have been doing recently in Maths.

The games were:


- Dominoes

- Playing Sumdog on the Chromebooks

- A version of 'Go Fish'

- Rolling a dice and making the number on a tens frame in different ways

- Rolling a dice and making the number with cubes. Our partner did the same and the person with the highest number got to keep the difference. 


We loved these activities and were excited at the chance to develop our learning further. We enjoyed using the resources in an exciting way!


Here's what we thought:


"I liked playing dominoes because it helped me with my counting." Alex


"It was fun when you were able to join the dominoes together." Reuben


"I liked the dominoes because it was fun to make different patterns." Rachel


"I liked playing on Sumdog because it's the best." Lydia 


"Hit the Button was fun because it helped me with my times tables." Louis

Picture 1 Dominoes in Golden Learning
Picture 2 Tens Frames in Golden Learning
Picture 3 Hit the Button in Golden Learning
Picture 4 Keep the Difference in Golden Learning
Picture 5 'Go Fish' in Golden Learning

Our Journey So Far...


Wow! What a busy 4 weeks have had!

The children are well and truly settled into their routines now and have been busy working away on the Year 2 curriculum.


In Maths, we have been continuing our work on number fluency up to 20 and have been using physical resources to practise adding, subtracting and comparing numbers. This week, we were introduced to Sumdog! Sumdog is a fantastic online resource for children to practise their Maths at home. This is a 2 week trial and therefore, any feedback would be greatly received. All children should have a password now if not, please ask. 


In English, our own versions of 'The Enormous Turnip' are well underway! We have even had a lesson where we were able to act our stories. We discussed our grammar aspects of the story including, expanded noun phrases, conjunctions and exciting adjectives whilst showing our freeze frames. 


Our cress seeds have grown in our Science lessons!  We have really been enjoying our investigations and have learnt a lot about what plants need in order to be able to grow. 



Welcome Back!

We've been busy enjoying our first two weeks in Year 2. 
In Maths, we have been working on recognising and ordering numbers. We have been having some fantastic mathematical conversations about why numbers are larger or smaller than other numbers. Additionally, we have been placing numbers on a number line and explaining why we have put them there. We even had a go at creating our very own human number line!


In English, we have been looking at traditional tales and have been writing character descriptions. In the coming weeks, we will be writing our own versions of 'The Enormous Turnip', changing the characters, setting and even which vegetable is stuck in the ground! 


In Science, we have started our topic of Plants. We have planted cress seeds in groups and have changed one thing in each investigation to see which plant will grow best. We discussed what a prediction is and how we can make an accurate one. 


In our topic lessons we have been comparing farming of the past and farming in the present. In the coming weeks we will be making comparisons between farming in Indonesia and farming in the UK.


We can't wait to keep you updated with all of the exciting things we are doing!

Last Day for the Book Fair 14th November. Please join us in the Hall. Also we are supporting children in need on Friday 16th November. Thank you for your support with both of these!