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George Street Primary School

“Where Learning Comes Alive”

“Where Learning Comes Alive”


Visions and Values

Where Learning Comes Alive


At George Street Primary School,  we have a vision to provide a curriculum and learning experience that is active, engages teachers and learners, breeds confidence, is learner-led and incorporates problem-solving and thinking skills. In providing this, we will ensure that learning truly does come alive.


In developing our Values, we asked our community - pupils, parents, teachers and governors, what George Street meant to them.  These could generally be summed up under the headings of:-

  •  Being Brave - having a go at something new or challenging
  • Being Open - to different viewpoints, things that are unfamiliar, to supporting each other
  • Having Belief - developing a Growth Mindsent

So - BOB, who is characterised by our parrot mascot.


Celebration Assembly this week - Friday 20th September at the new time of 9.00 am. Everyone welcome!.