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George Street Primary School

“Where Learning Comes Alive”

“Where Learning Comes Alive”


Pupils & Values

6th December 2019

Lenny, Amber, Freddie H, Sophia, Jacob, Alexia, Megan, Anna, Daisy, Lexi E, Sofia 


22nd November 2019

Salaudeen, Harry, Archie, Shahirah, Lance, Youssef, Abbi, Rehanna


15th November 2019

Caiden, Modou, Olivia, Belle, Lydia, Leo, Hope, Alegra, Alex, Mariam, Finley, Dylan


8th November 2019

Emily, Dominik,Nash, Harry, Billy, Sienna, Daisy-Mai, Bethany, Noah, Connor, Oscar, Lily


18th October 2019

Finley, Lenny, Hayden, Godwin, Lola, Harry, Ryan, Sienna, Oliver, Aaron, Lexi H, Jessica F, Grace, Mae


11th October 2019

Harrison, Jamie, Erin, Adrian, Jadon, Jay, Angel, Brody, Kaison, Ted, Henry, Bobby, Joe, Noah, Elle-Marie, Lyla, Sophie, Daisy & Isabelle


30th September 2019

Zayn, Louie, Alex, Bobby, Holly, Preston, Lexi, Lily


27th September 2019

Dominic, Victoria, Alice, Naomi, Jessica, Enara, Lily-Mae, Hristina and Kimora

20th September 2019

Oliwier, Freddie, Molly, Jack, Sophia, Kaitlyn, Anna, Ted, Harvey, Faizaan, Tia & Ruby



13th September 2019

Finley, Lexi, Sienna, George, Theo, Zuzanna, Jack, Amber, Cameron & Brooke


The school is now closed. Please see Latest News. Keep in touch on Google Drive or email us. There is some great home learning taking place so thank you for sharing your photos. These can be found together with some ideas and resources in Events. Keep safe everyone.