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“Where Learning Comes Alive”

“Where Learning Comes Alive”


Pupil of the week



24th May 19 - Zayn, Alice, Elle-Marie, Simona, Lewis

17th June 19 - Oliver, Nathan, Toby, Bryn, Calum

10th May 19 - Jessica & Olivia, Lydia, Brosy, Lyla, Jessica, Oskar 

17th May 19

5th Apr 19 - Hayden, Alexia, Joe, Grace, Matthew

3rd May 19 - Izzy, Archie & Sophia, Jon, Mae-Lisa, Liam 

22nd Mar 19 - Dillon, Bojan, Kaitlyn, Reece, Aaron, George 

29th Mar 19 - Kacey-Leigh, Sophie J, Lily J, Zoya

8th Mar 19 - Sienna, Billy, Gustas, Faizaan, Sofia, Kenodh


15th Mar 19 - Olivia, Toby, Daisy, Brooke, Azaan

8th Feb 19 - Izzy, Enara,Riley & Zayn, Louis, Harry, Amber, Dylan, Sephan 

15th Feb 19 - Olivia, Jadon, Nadia, Bobby, Florence, Isabelle, Alex & Jack, Finley, Caitlin

18th Jan 19 - Sienna, Kyson & Nathan, Iysa, ElleMarie, Sofia, Matei M

25th Jan 19 - Harry, Lola & Isabella, Lance, Alex, Bryn, Oliver

21st Dec 18 - Riley, Bethany, All of Y4, Joshua

8th Jan 19 - Adrian & Hayden, Sienna, Youseff, Mariam, Kayden, Zoya

7th Dec 18 - Freddie J, Shahirah, Angel, Izzy, Rehanna, Matei B & Liam

14th Dec 18 - Leo, Jadon, Alexia, Anna, Sophia, Emma

22nd Nov 18 - Freddie J, Jadon, Madison, Holly, Lexi H, Zoya

30th Nov 18 - Enara, Theo, Jay, Holly, Brooke, Matthew 

9th Nov 18 - Enara, Nathan, Lauren, Sophie B, Grace, Nathan

16th Nov 18 - Erin, Lola, Lily-Mae, Madison, Jessica, Oliver

19th Oct 18 - Maddie, Samuil, Harvey, Jessica, Kimora

25th Oct 18 - George, Rachel, Lilly, Ushaanth, Lily, Liam

5th Oct 18 - Riley, Kyson, Alegra, Jack, Simona, Ben

12th Oct 18 - Sienna, Daisy-Mai, Aaron, Florence, Lyla, & Isabelle

21st Sept 18 - Enara, Leo, Brody, Preston, Tia, Emma

28th Sept 18 - Molly, Isabella, Youseff, Sienna, Finley, Hannah

7th Sept 18 - Nadine, Billy, Iysa, Oliver G, Jaimeson, Jessica S, Jessica F & Brooke, Liam

14th Sept 18 - Olivia, Archie D, Zuzanna, Amber, Finley, Sephan



Due to the government announcement school will be closed to everyone on Tuesday 5th January and will re-open to key worker and vulnerable children from Wednesday 6th January. Further information and guidance will follow shortly.