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“Where Learning Comes Alive”

“Where Learning Comes Alive”


Pupil of the week



24th May 19 - Zayn, Alice, Elle-Marie, Simona, Lewis

17th June 19 - Oliver, Nathan, Toby, Bryn, Calum

10th May 19 - Jessica & Olivia, Lydia, Brosy, Lyla, Jessica, Oskar 

17th May 19

5th Apr 19 - Hayden, Alexia, Joe, Grace, Matthew

3rd May 19 - Izzy, Archie & Sophia, Jon, Mae-Lisa, Liam 

22nd Mar 19 - Dillon, Bojan, Kaitlyn, Reece, Aaron, George 

29th Mar 19 - Kacey-Leigh, Sophie J, Lily J, Zoya

8th Mar 19 - Sienna, Billy, Gustas, Faizaan, Sofia, Kenodh


15th Mar 19 - Olivia, Toby, Daisy, Brooke, Azaan

8th Feb 19 - Izzy, Enara,Riley & Zayn, Louis, Harry, Amber, Dylan, Sephan 

15th Feb 19 - Olivia, Jadon, Nadia, Bobby, Florence, Isabelle, Alex & Jack, Finley, Caitlin

18th Jan 19 - Sienna, Kyson & Nathan, Iysa, ElleMarie, Sofia, Matei M

25th Jan 19 - Harry, Lola & Isabella, Lance, Alex, Bryn, Oliver

21st Dec 18 - Riley, Bethany, All of Y4, Joshua

8th Jan 19 - Adrian & Hayden, Sienna, Youseff, Mariam, Kayden, Zoya

7th Dec 18 - Freddie J, Shahirah, Angel, Izzy, Rehanna, Matei B & Liam

14th Dec 18 - Leo, Jadon, Alexia, Anna, Sophia, Emma

22nd Nov 18 - Freddie J, Jadon, Madison, Holly, Lexi H, Zoya

30th Nov 18 - Enara, Theo, Jay, Holly, Brooke, Matthew 

9th Nov 18 - Enara, Nathan, Lauren, Sophie B, Grace, Nathan

16th Nov 18 - Erin, Lola, Lily-Mae, Madison, Jessica, Oliver

19th Oct 18 - Maddie, Samuil, Harvey, Jessica, Kimora

25th Oct 18 - George, Rachel, Lilly, Ushaanth, Lily, Liam

5th Oct 18 - Riley, Kyson, Alegra, Jack, Simona, Ben

12th Oct 18 - Sienna, Daisy-Mai, Aaron, Florence, Lyla, & Isabelle

21st Sept 18 - Enara, Leo, Brody, Preston, Tia, Emma

28th Sept 18 - Molly, Isabella, Youseff, Sienna, Finley, Hannah

7th Sept 18 - Nadine, Billy, Iysa, Oliver G, Jaimeson, Jessica S, Jessica F & Brooke, Liam

14th Sept 18 - Olivia, Archie D, Zuzanna, Amber, Finley, Sephan



The school is now closed. Please see Latest News. Keep in touch on Google Drive or email us. There is some great home learning taking place so thank you for sharing your photos. These can be found together with some ideas and resources in Events. Keep safe everyone.