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“Where Learning Comes Alive”

“Where Learning Comes Alive”


Our Curriculum

The Curriculum at George Street


We build our English curriculum around books, or excerpts from books throughout the school. From the youngest pupils, we aim to develop a love of stories – listening to them; role playing them; reading them and then using the good ideas to develop our own story telling and writing.

To develop reading skills, we use a phonological approach and use the RWI materials in early years and KS1. This includes very simple books that enable pupils to read words using the phonemes and graphemes they are being taught, with a corresponding quality children’s book being read to the pupils. At this stage pupils also learn to write simple phrases and later sentences through teacher modelling, aural rehearsal and then independently writing. (see link to Ruth Miskin website).

Our curriculum does follow the National Curriculum for English, whilst currently we have a particular emphasis on spelling and the need to master punctuation relevant to each age group.



At George Street, we recognised that pupils needed to become more secure in their understanding in order to be able to reason and develop problem solving and . In order to support this we are using the Maths Essentials resources developed by HfL which emphasise a concrete, pictorial, abstract approach and we encourage pupils to use speaking frames to explain their work.

Mental fluency is an area that we are keen to improve from an early age and so we are looking at how to support pupils and parents, using various methods including on-line.



We follow the National Curriculum and have a programme of study whereby topic areas are revisited by pupils regularly during their time at primary school, but with increasing skill development and understanding using different resources. Whenever possible practical investigations are carried out incorporating the school grounds or the local area, whilst on-line resources can extend learning beyond Hemel Hempstead.



The school has purchased Purple Mash to support the computing curriculum, with a programme of study and assessment tool for each year group from Reception. This is a new initiative and CPD is underway for staff. A further set of 30 Google Chrome books have been purchased to support the teaching of computing skills and to enable ICT to be used in a cross curricular capacity.


Foundation Subjects

A series of cross curricular themes have been planned for each year group from Y1 upwards (EYFS plan their curriculum around the interests of the pupils but ensure coverage of the EYFS 7 areas of learning and development). The starting point of these were the Chris Quigley Creative Themes for KS1 and KS2, which were then developed to include the local area of Hemel Hempstead and to follow the principles as outlined in our Teaching and Learning policy.

Our Yearly Overviews which can be found on each class page outline key knowledge, where these are taught and how they link with other aspects of the curriculum.

The Foundation Stage team plan using the statutory framework for EYFS.


To find out more about the curriculum we follow, please ask any of the classteachers.  The link below will take you to the Department for Education website and the national curriculum for England to be taught in all local authority-maintained schools.



If your child or a family member tests positive or has any COVID related symptoms over the weekend please contact - 07842 288281