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George Street Primary School

“Where Learning Comes Alive”

“Where Learning Comes Alive”


Staffing Information


Staffing Role Name Staffing Role  Name 
Headteacher Mrs H Freeman Deputy Headteacher  Mr A Griffiths 
Assistant Headteacher/SENDCO Mrs S Jarvis-Cross   Assistant Headteacher  Mrs R Rothwell
School Business Manager Mrs P Alderton    
F1 Classteacher

Miss N Halfyard

Early Years Practitioners Mrs C Martell
    Ms R Connor, Miss M McGloin, Mrs M Gloyn 
F2 Classteacher

Miss E Achilleos  

Early Years Practitioners Mrs H Boyle
    Mrs M Gloyn Miss S Roberts  
    LSA   Mrs V McAuley
Year 1 Classteacher Mrs K Bradford  Year 1 Teaching Assistant  Miss S Hopgood 
    LSA 1:1  Miss J Bates
Year 2 Classteacher Miss I Bunclark Year 2 Higher Level  Teaching  Assistant Mrs G Lord 
Year 3 Classteachers

Mrs K Swales 

Mrs H Freeman (Headteacher)  

Year 3 Teaching Assistant Mrs A Smith  
Year 4 Teacher Miss S Cross (AHT/SENDCO) Year 4 Teaching Assistant   Miss R Taylor 
Year 5 Classteacher Miss C Perry  Year 5 Teaching Assistant Mrs E Busfield 
Year 6 Classteacher 

Mr A Griffiths 


Miss J Fisher

(unqualified teacher)

Year 6 Teaching Assistant


Mrs E Busfield 
Reading Leader  Miss K May  Music Teacher  Mrs J Warren
Learning Support Assistant Miss L Power  Learning Support Assistant  Mrs J Shaw 
Learning Mentor  Mrs N Phillips  PPA Cover (KS2 Sports)

Mr N Merrett

Office Manager   Mrs J Hearne    Sports/Website Admin   Mrs S Giandoni
Breakfast club and MSA Supervisor Mrs B Flannery  Premises Manager  Mr P Williamson
Midday Supervisory Assistant  Mrs V McAauley  Midday Supervisory Assistant Miss S Armstrong
Midday Supervisory Assistant Mrs G Waldron Midday Supervisory Assistant Mrs A Wiggs
Midday Supervisory Assistant Mrs B Lynn   Midday Supervisory Assistant Mrs R Taylor 
Midday Supervisory Assistant  Mrs M Rafa-Fazli  Midday Supervisory Assistant  Miss J Marshall
Breakfast Club Assistant  Mrs A Wiggs  Breakfast club Assistant  Mrs B Lynn 
Breakfast Club Assistant Miss L Power  Sports Apprentice Mr T Rayner
After school Provision  Mrs Flannery/Mrs Wiggs  Mrs D Griffiths / Mrs S Giandoni   
Hope you can join us for the celebration assembly on Thursday 19th July at 9 am and Year 6 Leaver's assembly on Friday 20th at 9 am. Don't forget school finishes at 2 pm on Friday 20th July.