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George Street Primary School

“Where Learning Comes Alive”

“Where Learning Comes Alive”


SEAL of the Week 2016-2017


21st April - Lilly, All of Y2, Leah, Kayleigh, Will, Jack V

28th April-Archie B, Angel, Daisy, Marley, Caitlin, Rebekah, Sam, Jack A & Aidan

5th May - Bojan, Gustas, Oliver G & Isabelle, Bryn, Adam, Zach

12th May - Louis, Elle-Marie, Heath, Daniel, Jacob R, Shannon



4th November 2016 - Jacob, Jaimeson, Joshua

Archie, Connor

11th November 2016 - Kacey-Leigh, Henry

Jessica, Aaron, Oliver, Saahil


18th November 2016 - Iysa, Isabelle L, Jaimeson

Ben, Cameron, All of Y6



SEAL of the week - Autumn 1

9th September 2016

Kaitlyn, Lyla&Amber, Aaron, Matei B, Tamsin, Tyela

 16th September 2016

Brody, Madison, Finley, Matei M, Jodie

23rd September 2016

Madison, Max & Sienna, Tia, Daisy, Keira, Zach

30th September 2016

Zuzanna, Jack, Callum, Bill, Lauren & Joshua, Alice

7th October 2016

Hope, Connor, Zoya, Lewis, Chrishearl & Jack

14th October 2016

Youssef, Usaanth, Charlotte, Isabella, Jermaine, Shannon

21st October 2016

John, Faizaan, Jay, Katie, Will, Daniel R



Anti-bullying week this week and Don't forget its Children in need this Friday 17th November all proceeds from non uniform, fruity Friday and cake sale going to this worthwhile cause. Thank you