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“Where Learning Comes Alive”

“Where Learning Comes Alive”


Pupil of the Week 2017-2018

Pupil of the week - Autumn 2017



10th November 2017 - Alex, Gustas, Isabelle, Leah, Tyler, Cassie 

3rd November 2017 - Quinn, Nadia, Preston, Rehanna, Kenodh, Jacques

20th October 2017 - Shahirah, Kaitlyn, Joe, Hollie G, Tamsin

13th October 2017 - Kyson, Bethany, Jaimeson, Matthew, Corey

6th October 2017 - Kiera, Youseff, Noah, Brooke, Azaan

29th September 2017 - Alice, Daisy, Bobby, Lexi H, Ben, Lauren

22nd September 2017 - Lola, Hope, Daisy, Kayden, Holly J, Jermaine

8th September 2017 - Sienna, Lilly T, Ted, Ruby, Jacob J

15th September 2017 - Leo, Chelsea, Mariam, Dylan & Heath, Katie



PUPIL OF THE WEEK - 2016-2017

 Pupil of the Week - Summer 2017

21st April - Nathan, Hope, Calum, Nathan, Ben

Joe & Rihanna

28th April - Jack, Hope, Lily, Marissa, All of Y4, Amy

5th May - Jacob, Dylan, Jamie, Jacques, All of Y6

12th May - Leo, Oliver H, Simona, George, Megan & Skye, All of Y6

19th May - John, Jay, Lexi, Tyler, Lewis, Alice & Ellie

9th June - Madison, Sienna & Jay, Joshua, Daisy, Annabelle, Megan

23rd June - Rachel, Madison, Noah, Emma, Will, Daniel R & Shahana

30th June - Zuzanna, Max, Finley, Theo, Jacques,



Pupil of the Week - Spring 2

24th Feb 2017 - Kacey-Leigh, Henry, Aaron, John, Blake, Sam

3rd March 2017 - Kaitlyn, Elle-Marie, Lily, Daisy, Charlie


10th March 2017 - Luke, Rachel, Jack, Isabelle, Jessica, Ben, Lauren, Amy

17th March 2017 - Alex, Youseff, Sophie, Ruby, Hannah, Joshua, Ellie

24th March 2017 - Iysa, Bobby, Eloise, Matei, Ben, Alfie



Pupil of the Week - Spring 1

13th January 17 - Lance, Holly, Ruby, Caitlin, Nathan, Aidan & Jodie


20th January 17 - Naomi, Toby, Faizaan, Kimora, Emma, Nathan, Alfie

27th Jan 17 - Kiera, Brody, Oliver H, Bryn, Daniel, Jacob, Daniel I 


3rd Feb 17 - Billy, Kacey-Leigh, Amber, Jaimeson, Corey, Jodie

10th Feb 17 - Alice, Angel, Oliver G, Tia, Lewis, Joshua, Charlie




Pupil of the week - Autumn 2

4th November 2016 - Iysa, Harvey, Marley

Kayleigh, Cassie, Toby

11th November 2016 - Hristina, Megan, Daisy, Abbi,

Matei, Rebekah, Sullivan

18th November 2016 - Daisy-Mai, Florence, Finley, Holly J

Archie & Megan, Rihanna

2nd December 2016 - Connor, Jessica, Oskar, Lauren, Connor

9th December 2016 - Mariam, Heath, Adam, Chloe

16th December 2016 - All of year 6

16th December 2016 - Jacob, Sidney, Izzy, Leah,Matthew, Mutinda



Pupil of the week - Autumn 1 2016

9th September 2016

Lauren, Mariam, Kayden, Bill & John, Rebekah, Amy

16th September 2016

Ryan, Oliver G, Kaison, Kenodh, Cameron, Sam

23rd September 2016

Theo, Holly, Heath, Ben, Harry

30th September 2016

Lilly, Alex, Katie, Cassie, Charlie

7th October 2016

Sidney, Joe, Danko, Brooke, Hollie G, Daniel, Frankie

14th October 2016

Chelsea, Lyla, Kayden, Caitlin, Marissa, Joe

21st October 2016

Bethany, Maelisa, Daniel, Lewis, Ellie




Welcome back! Don't forget it's celebration assembly on Friday 23rd February at 2.35 - everyone is welcome.