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George Street Primary School

“Where Learning Comes Alive”

“Where Learning Comes Alive”


Play Leaders

Huff and Puff Leaders and Friendship Buddies


Our school believes that we all have the right to an enjoyable playtime. In order to help achieve this our Y4 and Y5 children are trained to be Huff and Puff helpers and Friendship Buddies. They are trained by our staff and also through the Hertfordshire Anti-bullying Initiative.

When on duty we are expected to organise and initiate games, help the younger children to resolve playground squabbles and help children who may be feeling lonely join in with games and make friends.


Friendship Buddies


Megan   Sam   Amy   Rashida   Rihanna

Ashna   Joe   Chrishearl   Chloe   Shannon

Ellie   Daniel   Jack A   Alfie   Zach   Alice

Jodie   Harry   Charlie   Jack V   Frankie  




Huff and Puff Leaders 


Oliver   Mutina   Annabelle   Alfie

Joshua   Cameron   Alaiba   Lauren

Corey   Cassie   Jacob   Ben




Huff and Puff Leaders in action


Huff and Puff Leaders in action


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