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George Street Primary School

“Where Learning Comes Alive”

“Where Learning Comes Alive”


Learning through our Curriculum

Life Long Learning


 George Street Primary School aims to put our children
at the centre of their own learning and, as a result, place strong emphasis on nurturing skills and attitudes. Great focus is placed on our Learning Powers: reciprocity, reflectiveness, resilience and resourcefulness. 

We recognise the importance of making learning irresistible, meaningful and memorable. For this reason we teach through a theme based approach to enable children to make connections and link ideas and areas of learning.

Our approach to teaching for learning aims to ensure that our children are provided with high quality learning
experiences that lead to a consistently high level of pupil achievement.  Our Teaching for Learning policy is at the heart of all we are doing at our school (see PDF version below.)

Definition of Learning
At George Street we have agreed that learning is:
‘the processes by which skills, attitudes, knowledge and concepts are acquired and understood, applied and used, or advanced and extended…(It) should not be confused with mere completion of tasks’
(Pollard and Tann 1990: 154)
Our understanding of what effective teaching for learning looks like
Successful learning involves: inspiration, stimulation, motivation, animated discussion, reflectivity, excitement, patience, high expectations, thoughtful questions, self direction, active thinking, talking and sharing ideas, home support, concentration, enthusiasm, focused listening, problem solving, sufficient and constructive feedback, attentiveness, calmness, encouragement, strong relationships, perseverance, revisiting, noticing and imagining.
We believe that successful learners are those that can improve their own personal performance and reach their own goals. Enabling our children to achieve this is a complex jigsaw puzzle where all the pieces need to be in place for learning to be really successful. ‘The Successful Learner Model’, created by Diana Pardoe, encapsulates and holds together the key elements of what constitutes effective learning. As a school, we have developed and amended it to identify what our learners need in order to be successful and, therefore, what it is that teachers need to do in order to enable successful learning to take place.

Our own Successful Learner Model takes the form of two trees, each with leaves to identify the key principles that underpin successful learning; one for the learner themselves and one for the adults (see Our Learning Trees as a PDF below.)
Picture 1 Resourcefulness
Picture 2 Resilience
Picture 3 Reflectiveness
Picture 4 Reciprocity
Just a reminder that school closes at 2 pm today and will re-open on Monday 16th April. Wishing you all a Happy Easter break!